Daily Archives: January 10, 2012

Well Crud

When Andrea picked up the PlayStation off of eBay a while back she also picked up a copy of Final Fantasy VIII.  Which is totally awesome… but was also the only PS1 game I already owned!  What are the odds?

So with two copies of the game, I figured I’d keep the nicest one, and sell the other on eBay.  So I went to take the stickers off the one I was to sell.  Let me tell you, taking 10 year old stickers off is no fun at all.  So I figured I’d bust out the trusty GooGone.  That was a bad idea as it turns out.

GooGone not only dissolves the sticky gunk you can never get off from stickers… but also dissolves the very plastic CD jewel cases are made of.  Turns out they warn you about this in very fine print on the bottle.

It doesn’t look too bad in some angles.  But when the light hits it right, it’s awful.

Good news is I think I can rob a few empty jewel cases from work and replace the pieces I screwed up.  But tell all your friends.  GooGone is some serious stuff.