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Tech Music


I’m really itching for a project of some sort.  I have some ideas, but they all would cost a fair amount of money that we don’t really have to spend.  So I’m trying to think of what I can create using pretty much stuff I already have.

One medium that comes to mind is video.  I’ve got a cheap HD camera I borrowed from work and I’ve got all the video/audio editing software already.  But I’m completely coming up empty when it comes to content.  I really enjoy watching Classic Game Room and would love to do something like that, but I don’t really want to just emulate something someone else has done already.  Though heavens knows I have enough old games to get started.

Another topic I thought of was using video to document a project build, though that puts me back into the lack of funds category.

A long term goal of mine is to get all of my vintage systems off the HDTV in the den to a more period correct setup.  Kinda like a dream setup from 1995.  Haha!  I want to make them all easy to pick up and play without having unplug wires and power adapters to get the system you want working.  Just select the system on a switcher, turn on and play.  I think I can knock that out fairly cheap, but I’m going to have to take advantage of Garage Sale season which I plan on hitting the circuit hard this year!

For now I’ll just keep the gears turning.  When I break through, hopefully it’s something I can go full blast into.  Or maybe I’ll discover something completely new and fall in love.  Who knows.


Okay, so this picture is not what it seems at first glance.  While I did get a picture of him holding the controller perfect (complete coincidince) I didn’t get that AND the screen in the same shot.  So this is some fancy Photochop scripting to make it work.

It was pretty fun.  I was sitting there listening to the podcast music and decided to pull out the game from the mystery song.  We were playing that for a while and then switched to Galaga.  Andrea and I had fun challenging each other’s scores.  I remember Mom could get perfect scores on the “Challenging Stages” in between the levels.  We didn’t do that good!  Hehe.

It was a night of good old school fun!

Crusin’ Podcast

Okay, other than the intro music, this Podcast has nothing to do with the Crusin’ series.

Topics include:

  • Waking Up
  • Busy Saturday
  • Vanquishing
  • Drivers in a hurry
  • Podcast music

Again another mystery game  music challenge at the end of the podcast.  This one should be fairly easy.


Weekend is Over

Well it was a good weekend all things considered.  I had planned on not leaving the house at all, but that didn’t work out as I got called to do a computer sidejob.  Seems a computer all on its own reset itself back to the factory default, wiping out everything.  I’ve never heard of a system recovery being done automatically, but I guess with computers you never rule anything out.  Tough I’m often more inclined to believe computers do what you tell them to, which may not always coneincide with what you want them to do.

I did re-affirm one of my long standing beliefs though.  Never delete your e-mail.  Ever.  I dug up an e-mail from 20 some months ago that I had when I’d worked on this same computer before.  And without that I’d have been on the phone with software vendors trying to get keys back.  Because no one saves any documentation with their computer!  Nay, that would be foolish.

At any rate, that was the only real hiccup on the weekend.  Andrea, Luke and I just chilled here at the house mostly and played a lot of Guild Wars.  We didn’t get everything vanquished that we had hoped, but we probably got 3/4 of the way in.  Andrea’s been logged in for over two days now, and if mine hadn’t crashed mine would have too.

There were some casualties over the weekend though.  My old reliable SOCOM headset finally bit the dust.  That thing gave me a decade of reliable and quality service and was almost never used for the game SOCOM.  I’ll be sad to see it go, but maybe I can use this as an excuse to get a new microphone.

So here’s some screens from the weekend of vanquishing.  Be sure to click read more if you want to see them all!

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Luke Loves to Laugh

Sometimes when you’re a baby… everything is funny.


Thank God It’s Finally Freakin’ Friday Again!

I’m really looking forward to the weekend.  It’s the first weekend since probably November that I will have nothing to do.  We aren’t going anywhere, and I don’t have to work (crosses fingers).  So I’ve got big plans.  Okay, maybe not BIG plans.

Need to do a few odd things around the house.  We want to seal up the windows in the guest bedroom to keep bugs from crawling in this spring like they did last year.  Probably should go a head and bug spray the house while I’m thinking about bugs.  Honestly haven’t seen too many creepy crawlies since we moved in.  But don’t want to give them any ideas.

One thing I’m really hoping to do is a Vanquish campaign in Guild Wars of Kryta, Northern Shiverpeaks and Old Ascalon.  That will take a while, and there will be lots of AFK time as I’ll be bouncing back and forth between the game and hanging out with Luke.  Andrea might even join in.  It’s sure to net a lot of cash and hopefully some good items too.  But that’s something that might take the whole weekend on and off.  Plus I still want to get in some time with Zelda and Mario 3D Land.

I’m also working on another project on the side that I’m not quite ready to disclose yet.  I like the way its starting, but I don’t know if I’ll have the follow through to complete it for one, and two how it will turn out when it’s done.  So if you never hear about it again, know that it must not have turned out well!  Haha.

I hope your weekend is fantastic.  I’m hoping to Livestream a lot of the Guild Wars vanquishing this weekend, so check the Livestream tab from time to time and see what’s up.

What a good lookin’ guy.

6 Months Old.  Must have got all his good looks from Momma.  I know he didn’t get them from me!

I’m taking it easy.

It’s weird.  This past week hasn’t been too crazy, but sitting here this morning relaxing, it sure feels like it has.  Honestly the weekend is going to be more crazy than my week, but I think I’m going to combat that by just going with the flow.

We are getting Luke to the photography studio (AKA JC Penny) to get some professional pictures taken.  One of these days I’m going to save up and get me a nice DSLR camera and just take my own pictures.  A gal I work with got one last year for Christmas, and it’s amazing the quality those things can produce in conditions that the little point and shoot can’t handle.  But alas, it’s lower on the list of priorities.  Of course I’ll be sharing the pictures of Luke once we get them.  To get your complete fill of Lucas pictures, just follow Andrea on Facebook!

I wish I had time to play some Skyward Sword this weekend.  That’s not going to be in the cards, but I will be keeping my 3DS handy and I hope to knock out Super Mario 3D land.  I’m having to go back to some of the early levels and get star coins that I missed so I can progress into some of the later levels.  Apparently there’s a toll on Princess saving plumbers in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 came out a week or two ago and that will probably be the next game I get after I beat Zelda and Mario.  I’m not in a huge hurry because I still have a decent backlog of games to work on, plus all the old games that I always keep going back to.  It’s not like I really need another new game right now.  I have found that I really can only handle keeping up with one system it seems.  I remember back in the college days when I had the Gamecube, PS2 and the Xbox, there was just not enough time, let alone enough money, to keep up with all the great games that come out.  You just have to let some of them go.  Hopefully XIII-2 doesn’t become one of those games.

Time to get this weekend rolling!

Podcast for reals yo.

Heavy gaming talk in this podcast.  Lots of stuff about Super Mario 3D Land, Guild Wars & Guild Wars 2, plus more Skyward Sword, but no spoilers!

Podcast music as always.