Daily Archives: February 21, 2012


Okay, so this picture is not what it seems at first glance.  While I did get a picture of him holding the controller perfect (complete coincidince) I didn’t get that AND the screen in the same shot.  So this is some fancy Photochop scripting to make it work.

It was pretty fun.  I was sitting there listening to the podcast music and decided to pull out the game from the mystery song.  We were playing that for a while and then switched to Galaga.  Andrea and I had fun challenging each other’s scores.  I remember Mom could get perfect scores on the “Challenging Stages” in between the levels.  We didn’t do that good!  Hehe.

It was a night of good old school fun!

Crusin’ Podcast

Okay, other than the intro music, this Podcast has nothing to do with the Crusin’ series.

Topics include:

  • Waking Up
  • Busy Saturday
  • Vanquishing
  • Drivers in a hurry
  • Podcast music

Again another mystery game  music challenge at the end of the podcast.  This one should be fairly easy.