Daily Archives: March 16, 2012

Spring Is Here?

This is crazy.  It’s the middle of March and we’re sitting around with all the windows open in the house.  Heck at work we’ve even fired up the AC already.  We always try to hold out as long as we can at home before breaking down and turning ours on.  If this early spring is any indication though, we might not be able to hold out as long as we usually do.  I can’t remember a March day in the past that’s ever had a forecast high of 85.

Lately I’ve been talking about how I need a project to do, and something that doesn’t cost a whole lot of money.  Well I think I found something.  I decided this year I’m going to plant a garden.  I’ve already started tearing up some ground in the back yard, which is some hard work, but very therapeutic I’ve found so far.  I guess it’s kinda my way of communing with past generations.  There’s so much technology everywhere I go, that it’s nice to put some effort into something so primal.  I find it interesting to think about that something I’m now doing for fun in my spare time, was a basic necessity for life 100 years ago.  Pretty sure that my ancestors knew how to cut sod a lot better than I do!

The garden will have quite a bit of diversity.  I picked up corn, onions, potatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, carrots, and even some watermelon and pumpkins!  I’m going to pick up some tomatoes later in the season too.  If you don’t count the tools I bought, all the seeds cost me a total of $15.  And that should make a LOT of produce.  I dunno what we’ll ever do with 80 onions….

Andrea is not a big vegetable fan.  I was trying to think of something I could plant that she would enjoy, and thought maybe strawberries, but she wasn’t too crazy about that.  I even saw some blueberry and raspberry bushes for sale, thought for a couple moments… then decides I wasn’t ready for something like that!

So I’ll look forward to getting at least the potatoes and onions in the ground this weekend.  I beat Super Mario 3D Land the other night, so I’m officially not working on any games right now, and might take a weekend off of gaming and focus on the rudimentary art of agriculture.  I’ll probably still sit down and write up my final thoughts on 3D Land this weekend though.  One of the best Mario Games I’ve played… since the last one, they’re all just awesome!