Catch-up Post

Okay, well, here we go.  I’m running a remote today so I have a little time where I’m tied to the studio here and can’t go anywhere so figured I’d try to get a post cranked out.

Starting middle of the week BEFORE last week, we started streaming coverage of a murder trial here in town.  We were going to do video, but couldn’t get the equipment together, so we were at least going to stream audio on our website.  Well after the trial was scheduled to start, apparently they were running behind, however someone flipped on the microphone before they were supposed to and the name of a juror went out over our internet stream.  So the judge flipped out and banned us from the trial.  So that day sucked.

Then, feeling like we got the raw deal on something that wasn’t our fault, got our lawyer involved.  That moved about as fast as anything you can expect to move in the legal system.  So right about the time I’d given up hope, we were let back in.  And by now we’d finally got our video equipment.

So I spent about a week with half of every day sitting in an van by the courthouse monitoring our stream to make sure that nothing like that happened again.  Sufficed to say, I was WAY behind on all my work for the week, which included updating about 500 items for our radio auction, and getting audio edited for upcoming charity radio-thon fund raiser.  I ended up working 15 hours on Friday to get all the stuff done I HAD to do because we were hitting the road for the weekend.

I did a lot of relaxing at the in-laws’ house over the weekend.  That was much needed.  And we got to see Titanic in 3D.  I’m still not a huge fan of 3D movies, but they did pretty good converting a movie that was originally shot in 2D, I thought.  But still, it was the same old movie I remember.  For some reason I thought the ship looked smaller in 3D… oh well.

So that brings things up to this week.  Not as hectic as last week for sure and I’m thankful for that.  Still a lot to do, but I’ve been fairly productive.  I would have been more so, but I got really sick Monday night.  Terrible sore throat and the chills. I told myself if I didn’t feel any better when I woke up, I’d stay home.  Luckily I felt quite a bit better by morning and headed in.  One of the nice things about my job is I was able to go take a nap on the couch downstairs when I wasn’t feeling too swell.  I’m glad Andrea and Luke didn’t catch what I had… at least not yet.

And now it’s today.  I’m waiting for my paycheck to come in.  Not something I usually “wait” for, but I got a small bonus on this check which I’m going to use to pre-purchase Guild Wars 2 which went on sale yesterday.  I don’t want to wait too long because I don’t want the collector’s edition to sell out.  Supposedly very limited supply.

So there ya go.  That’s why I’ve been absent from the blog recently and I should be back to posting more regularly now!

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