I’m back!

Man, what a month it’s been.  I covered a lot of it in my last podcast, but if you missed it basically we had a murder trial to cover wall to wall the first week of April.  Then our radio auction the second week of April.  Then this past week was our Radiothon to raise money for kids with cancer.  Three big events that took a lot of prepwork.

Finally this last week of April things will slow down.  I’m still going to be busy though, because I’m now behind on all my regular stuff at work, but at least there’s no huge deadlines looming.

The garden is progressing nicely!

I took today to kick back and relax.  Well… relax mentally at least.  I slept in until 9am today, which was freakin awesome.  I got up and made some coffee and headed out to finish up my planting in the garden at 10am.  I got a hoe so I was able to really work the ground and get a lot of the old Bermuda grass roots out of there.  Then got me some nice rows of soil and had Andrea and Luke help me decide where to plant everything.  I already have my potatoes and onions doing nicely.  And today I planted a row of jalepeno pepers, bell peppers, two rows of carrots, and four short rows of corn.  With the ground I have left I’m going to get some tomato plants and drop them in.

I planted some flowers up front a couple weeks ago and they didn’t do well at all.  That soil has a lot of old gravel in it from previous landscaping and I think that it just drained all the water out too fast and starved the plants.  Instead of digging all that gravel out, I’d like to get just a load of white rock and put it down on top of that.  It would look better than the weeds and dirt that’s there now.

I also sprayed all the dandelions in the front yard.  They are seriously out of control.  There was some stuff that was left here when we moved in that was supposed to kill them, but that had absolutely no effect.  I got some other lawn safe herbicide that hooks up to your garden hose, and we’ll see if this fares better.  It promises “overnight results”.  I’m not getting my hopes up and really by this point, dandelion blooming season is just about over.  You should have seen my yard yesterday though.  It was a field of 8 to 12 inch high dandelion stems.  It looked hideous.  But I haven’t been home while the sun was up all week, so I haven’t been able to mow until yesterday.

So tomorrow it’s back to work.  I’m not looking forward to it.  I’m just so burnt out, but I’m powering through the next week or two then I’m going to take me a nice long 4 or 5 day weekend.  It is going to kick ass, I can feel it.

Guild Wars 2 annouced the first Beta event next weekend, so I’m finally going to realize something out of the “pre-purchase” money that I spent.  I have to work late on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday I have nothing at all going on… except Guild Wars 2!

So there ya go.  I’m back to blogging and going to try to stick with it here.  I should have almost all my evenings free.  Finally.


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