Early Morning Gaming

Staying up late playing Guild Wars 2 these past couple nights has really made me realize how different my sleep schedule is now compared to how it used to be.  I’m no stranger to late night, even all night gaming sessions.  On more than one occasion the cue for me and my friends to go to bed was the pre-dawn light filtering through the window blinds.

The past couple nights I’ve been up until about 2 am playing and by this time, I am just beat and have to drag myself to bed.  Then this morning I found my self awake 5 short hours later at about 7:30 like it was time to get up.  In my past going to bed at 3am was the norm.  Especially when I was working the night shift in Junction City.  I’d get home at about 10pm, stay up until 3 am.  Then sleep until 10am or 11am.  That was normal for me.

Now if it’s 11pm, not only is it past my bedtime, but I’m beat.  Of course I’ve been waking up 6:30am and “easing” into the day.

But regardless of how this messes up my sleep for the week to come, it’s worth it.  Guild Wars 2 is an awesome game so far.  I’ve played a lot of it, but there’s still a lot that they haven’t unlocked yet.  I’m excited to play even more tomorrow.  So I’d better actually get to sleep for tonight.  I’ll post some feedback once the beta weekend is over.

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