Why games are a bad investment

Just saw this on eBay today.  At first glance that looks like a pretty impressive price.  Definitely more valuable than the average Super Nintendo game, and far more valuable than anything in my collection.  Even still, if you look at that game solely as an investment, it still wasn’t worth it.

Warning, old geezer talk to follow:

When that game came out in 1992 it sold for $59.99.  And while granted the game is worth more today than it was back then, your money still would have been better placed into the stock market.  Over the last 20 years that average rate of return that the stock market has provided is 9.4%.  So if you would have invested that $59.99 into an average performing mutual fund on the day this game came out and left it alone.  Today that investment would be worth $390.28.  Almost $300 more than what this game sold for.

So if you’re holding on to all those old games thinking they’ll be worth something someday… you’re doing it wrong.

But if you love PLAYING these old games… then keep ’em.  Because there’s nothing like blowing into an old cartridge, clicking on a power switch and saving a princess.  After all, if you never sell it, who cares what it’s worth!

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