Daily Archives: May 29, 2012

Sanity is returning to my world

Well the past few days have been nice.  As you can see I even took the opportunity to re-skin the site.  I’m not leaving the N64 love behind, just playing Metroid Prime the past week or so has me feeling nostalgic for the Gamecube.  I swear that is still has to be the most comfortable controller ever made.

We got back home early Monday afternoon.  And I washed up Andrea’s car and started working on prepping the roof for the new top that is going to be put on.  Did a lot of sanding and even busted out the drill and the old stripper wheel (that sounds funny).  Brought back a lot of memories of painting the Toronado.  Which I also had time to wash that dirty thing before we left.

I got the yard all mowed today and the garden is doing pretty good.  I noticed I have my first tomato starting to grow!

I’m slowly getting caught up at work too.  Life is good so far!