Wisdom for a Happy Life

Note:  If you are married “you” means both of you.  These may seem depressing, but only if you have an un-realistic expectation of the world.  

1.  Don’t have an un-realistic expectation of the world.

2.  People suck.  Even the people you love will suck sometimes.  They’re not perfect and neither are you.

3.  Everyone else doesn’t have it better than you.  Their life sucks just as much as yours.  Don’t believe me?  Ask them about it… they’ll tell you more than you ever wanted to know.

4.  Success takes hard work.  Winning the lottery takes luck.  Only one of them is guaranteed.

5.  Don’t over complicate things.  If you don’t like your situation, change it, but you can’t have everything, so don’t try.

6.  If you want everything… grow up.

7.  Pro Tip:  Unless it’s your Mom… 100% of the time no one cares.  Nope Dad doesn’t care.  But he will listen anyway.

8.  You are solely responsible for yourself.  You need to be prepared when bad things happen.  If you rely on somebody else, they might not be there.  (For details see tip #4)

9.  Boring is good.  That means everything is happening the way you expected it to.  Which is the whole point isn’t it?  Don’t go ****ing up your own good thing just because you need some excitement.  The world will screw you over enough on its own, it doesn’t need your help.

10.  Learn to say no.  Not just to other people, but also to yourself.

I am available to discuss these matters in detail.


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