Sorry I’ve Been Absent

It’s been busy.  I had mentioned in previous podcasts that I started playing Metroid Prime with the intention of playing it until completion.  Well the bad news is I’ve been too busy to play any of it for the past two weeks.  But then again, I haven’t really been doing any gaming at all INSTEAD of that, so it’s not like I’ve been “cheating”.  Though Andrea and I did play some Mario Kart 7 on 3DS tonight.

Other than a whole lot of travel this month.  Here’s the big project that has kept me most busy.  The vinyl top on Andrea’s car.  It hasn’t been too bad.  I just hope I’ve done everything well enough that the upholstery shop will put the top on.  My biggest fear is that I get it all prepped to go and they’ll say I didn’t do something right.  Ugh.  Let’s hope not.  Really just want to get this done!

Here’s some pics of the process.  I’m only going post a few of them on the front page, so click through to see the rest!

This is what was underneath when we took it off.

Here’s the old vinyl that was flapping in the breeze.

Uh oh. This can’t be good. Got most of the old glue sanded off. But the paint underneath is pretty flaky, so a lot of that is going to have to come off too.  But what is that drill for?

I had to drill out all the rivets holding down the trim pieces that go around the edges. Kinda apprehensive about drilling holes in an otherwise nice car. But must do what must be done. I was afraid this was going to be tedious work, but the drill chewed right through them!

Up close shot of one of the rivits. You can see the old crusty vinyl on the left side. And on the right side you can see where the masking was done when they repainted the car sometime before we bought it. It would have been smart to replace the vinyl when the car was repainted, but too late for that now.

Gotta take a break every once in a while. Great opportunity to water the yard!  The Toronado sits in the driveway wondering if it will ever get some much needed love.

There wasn’t much actual paint left in great shape. Most of what was left was primer or just plain bare metal. Did have to fix a couple small rust spots. But no holes!

Because on this car the trim around the back windows is actually part of the window itself, the whole window has to come out for this job. So this meant dismantling some of the interior to get to the screws holding the window in. Sealing the window is some sticky goopy mess of stuff.

With a good amount of persuasion, the window finally comes out. Much easier with two people! Blech! What a mess. Andrea was a lot better at cleaning this stuff up than I was. She said it was because she popped a lot of bubble gum on her face.

Then there’s more to clean up on the body.

This window anxiously awaits its return home.

So with all the trim off, the windows out and all the sanding done. I rolled on some fresh rustoleum to give a nice clean surface to adhere the new top to. I just hope it’s adequate! Tomorrow is the moment of truth!

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