Daily Archives: July 10, 2012

A Pair of Podcasts

Well two new things here.  First off, I’ve joined with Biebs for a new weekly podcast we’re dubbing “The Rants of Two Old Dudes”.  We’re going to discuss tech and gaming both modern and retro.

Here’s Episode 1 of The Rants of Two Old Dudes!  Enjoy!

Secondly I tried something new with my own personal podcast.  It has a lot of refinement left to go.  Infact I don’t even have any intro artwork, and had no idea what to use for video during the Mystery Song, but here it is.  I had to just go ahead and post it, or else it was just going to sit around forever.  As I get more proficient in video production, I’ll be able to crank them out and make them more polished.  But for now here’s a very rough video podcast.

Only one topic: Digital Distribution of games vs. Physical Copies
Previous Mystery Song was from Super Mario Bros 2
No podcast Music
New Mystery Song