Daily Archives: July 12, 2012

A 20 Minute Project

This is gonna be fun!

I’ve had these cards from Club Nintendo for a while.  I wanted to display them in some way but they really would look best with frames.  Frames are so expensive though… except at the Dollar Tree!  $1 per frame.  Much better than the $3 or $4 I was finding elsewhere.  Thanks to my officemate Kate for revealing to me this awesome deal!

And I’ve got a helper!  These cards show every portable game system Nintendo has released to date.  And with the recent announcement of the 3DS XL, these cards are already out of date.  Haha.

I think it looks good.  I’m debating putting them on the wall behind Andrea, or setting them up in the soon to be “studio” room.  I’m afraid the glass in the frames will create some reflection problems, but never will know until I try.

Meanwhile, Luke was having some mischevous fun of his own.