Daily Archives: August 7, 2012

I Voted

I tweeted earlier today that I voted, but I had to violate one of my moral rules to do so.  You see this is the primary election where the parties decide who they’re going to put on the ballot in November.  Being in rural Kansas, Republican is the party of prominence, so pretty much everyone running for office of any kind is a republican.

My moral delimma is that I don’t really believe in the two party system.  I believe in electing the right person for the job whether they’re a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Man, Woman, Black, White, etc.  For that reason I’ve never affiliated with any party.

But when it comes to primary elections, you can’t just vote in any primary.  Democrats have an open primary, meaning you don’t have to be an democrat to vote there.  But republicans have a closed primary, therefore you can only vote if you’re a member of the “club”.    My situation was such that there were some pretty important local positions up, which were pretty much going to be decided in the Republican primary as there would be no one running against the winner in November.  So in order to have a voice in these selections I chose to declare Republican for now and vote for the guys I felt could best serve my area.

I’ve always been a big proponent of paying attention and making informed voting decisions on the local level, because these are the people that will have possibly the most direct impact on your daily life.  These guys are the reason I can’t buy beer after 8PM, or that I haven’t been able to use my fire pit I built yet because of a burn ban.  Seems like piddly stuff to some, but even though it might be less “important” on the grand scale, it has a more tangible effect than any president’s foreign policy or “jobs bill”.

So I guess as of today I’m a Republican, if only on paper.