The Newest Addition: 1996 Grand Cherokee

Well I realized a while ago, I haven’t posted anything on here about our new vehicle.  When the Toronado went down, after about a week it became obvious that I wasn’t going to get it running in the immediate future.  So we couldn’t be with just one vehicle, that would leave Andrea and Luke stranded out here in the sticks any time I’m at work.

So we looked around, but I didn’t want to take the first thing that came along just because we were desperate.  Even though we kinda were desperate. We test drove a crappy little Ford Escort for a day.  It got great mileage, but it was TINY… two doors, and had a big dent in the side.  Driving it felt a lot like driving Andrea’s old Mustang again, only less cool and in worse shape.  I drove it around thinking… if we got this car I would hate driving it every day I have it.  If I don’t feel anything for a car, then it starts to get neglected.  And when it starts to get neglected, it starts falling apart.  So I made up my mind that I wanted something I at least LIKED, even if it was less than ideal.

I had put the word out to everyone I knew to keep an eye peeled for a car that was in our price range.  Andrea and I debated for a couple days about whether to take on a car payment or not.  Even I, seriously considered it.  But just the thought of it felt restrictive.  You know how you feel when you get a raise at work, and you have a little extra breathing room?  Well this felt the opposite of that.  So we made up our mind to look for something we could buy outright if at all possible.

Andrea and I discussed a lot of vehicles while we were looking through classifieds.  Most of the times the cars that Andrea liked were too expensive, and most of the cars that I liked were too… “grandpa”.  Then on my way to go get my new cell phone, I drove by this Jeep out front of a little car dealership.  I knew a Jeep was one of the things she would drive.  And I didn’t mind the idea of a sport utility.  Heck we are used to crappy gas mileage anyway.  But I also knew she hated red.  But it was a Jeep in our price range.  I had that going for me.  Nevertheless, I took it on a test drive and headed to Albert to see what she would say.

Here’s the picture I snapped before we bought it.

It drove right down the road.  It was clean.  It needed a list of little things done to it like latches and some touch ups here and there.  But it seemed solid and reliable.  I don’t know what Andrea thought when she first saw it, but when I saw it driving by I thought, “That would be perfect… and extraordinarily ordinary“.  Haha.

It is by far the most average vehicle we’ve had in a long time, but I like it!  It’s comfortable, it’s not hacked to bits. And while it’s not perfect by far, I can still take some pride in it.

I got it all detailed and took a bunch of pictures today out at Pawnee Rock.  I think it looks pretty good for an old average commonplace Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Lots more pictures if you keep reading…..

Here you can see where the worst of the paint is. But if I can figure out how to remove those louvers behind the rear window, I can get them painted myself for pretty cheap.

You can almost always judge the life a vehicle has lead by the shape of the interior. This one was pretty nice! Definitely not bad for 130,000 miles.

It didn’t take Andrea long to get her stereo transferred over. It doesn’t look as good as the factory radio, but it works. Which is an improvement because the factory radio really wasn’t working too well. Now she wants to do about $250 in speaker upgrades… hopefully she can hold off for a little while.

Like I said, it’s not perfect. You can see in this picture the hail dents on the hood. They’re easier to notice in person. I might see what it costs for that paintless dent repair and see if it’s feasible.

Here you can see that the drivers side headlight has some condensation inside. I haven’t found a good remedy for this yet other than replacing the headlight unit. It’s not too pricey, so I guess that’s an option.

All in all, I’m really happy with it so far.  It needs some work, but we can do a few hundred bucks worth of stuff to it and, heck that’s only one car payment for most folks.

Momma likes it and Luke likes it.  I suppose that’s all we need.






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  1. That is CLEAN guys, hard to find them in that good of condition. Maybe sometime we can take our red Jeeps offroading and fix that issue 😉

    • Thanks man! I didn’t post any underhood shots but when I popped the hood and everything looked clean and not all hacked up, I was sold. Plus with that 4.0 it looks like there’s plenty of room to work on stuff. I’m sure I’ll have to pick your brain on something eventually.

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