Tuesday Top Ten: Games I Never Played

I consider myself a pretty big gamer.  But prepare to be assaulted with uninformed impressions and some things that are completely wrong.  For whatever reason, here’s the Top Ten games I’ve just never got around to playing.  I made the decision to not do any research on these games whatsoever other than searching for screenshots.  So you’ll get my 100% ignorant impressions to follow.

10. Dance Dance Revolution: DDR is totally the kind of game I could get hooked on. But it’s also the kind of game you completely suck at your first several goes at it. It was big when I was in college. I’d watch my friends play it, and they were pretty good. Rather than get spanked 10 out of 10 times, I always passed on the opportunity to play and chose to watch instead. I probably wouldn’t have remembered this game if it weren’t for its psudo-appearance in Video Game Highschool.

9. Mass Effect: I know literally zilch about this game, or series of games. Except that they are supposedly pretty damn good. I never played them because I don’t believe they were every on any system I owned. Xbox exclusive??? I honestly don’t even know what system you can get these on. Yes that’s right, that’s how clueless I am about this series. But I hear it has a great story, and I am a sucker for even a crappy game with a great story. But supposedly, these are good, right?

8. Starcraft 2: I would have put just “Starcraft” but I have technically logged about 20 minutes at a LAN party getting my ass handed to me in the first game. But Starcraft 2 is something I’ve never even witnessed in motion, let alone played. Seems to be pretty popular though. Only RTS game I have any real experience with is Rise of Nations which I absolutely love. I’d love to dive into this one, but I hear it has a pretty steep curve.

7. Pokemon: I was a bit too old for the Pokemon craze, so by the time it was really coming on strong, I remember thinking it was “for kids”. As time has gone on though, I’m starting to think they were actually pretty good games. Hell, I just found out Pokemon is an RPG!

6. Zelda II: The Adventures of Link: This is the only Zelda game I haven’t played if you don’t count the CDi games (who does?). You know what’s pathetic… I even have it in my collections. I could have probably done just a top ten games I own… but never played. Maybe after I beat Metroid Prime.

5. Portal: Every review I’ve ever read of this game calls it a masterpiece, and some say Portal 2 is even better. I have no excuses for not playing this one. I just… you know… have been playing Pilotwings 64 instead… or something.

4. Metroid: Yup, it’s true. I’ve lost all credibility as an old school Nintendo fan. I haven’t even played the original Metroid on the NES. I’ll turn in my Official Nintendo Seal of Approval.

3. Final Fantasy VII: It was Final Fantasy X that made me a fan of the series. Since then I’ve been on a slow quest to play as many of them as I can. In part due to the cost of the game now, I haven’t gotten around to playing it. And I refuse to play games like this on an emulator. There’s just something about playing the game on the original hardware. So until the pieces fall into place, I still haven’t played what many consider to be the best Final Fantasy game.

2. Almost Every FPS Game After Perfect Dark: Once dual analog hit… the first person shooter genre left me behind. I had perfected the FPS on the N64 to the point it was all hard wired into my brain. Circle strafing and elevated aiming were as natural to me as popping my knuckles. Every since then, I’ve had little desire to play any other shooters. Mostly for fear that I will un-learn what I spent so long perfecting.

1. World of Warcraft: Playing Guild Wars all these years and lurking on forums, I’ve read countless comparisons of that game to World of Warcraft. The sheer number of players and often getting caught without anyone to play with in Guild Wars has certainly tempted me to give the game a go. But I definitely can’t commit myself to a monthly subscription for a game. It would be money burned 5 months out of the year, and something tells me that if I jumped in now, it would just feel very dated. Even still, considering that WoW probably has more game hours logged than any other game worldwide, and I still haven’t played it, makes it number one on the list.

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  1. Your post got me thinking about all the games I turned down as well. Minecraft is one, as is WoW. I hope to play these games one day, but having the time may be the problem. Good post!

    • Boy aren’t you right about time to play! I went from being short on money to buy games, to short on time to play games! Haha.

      Minecraft is one game that can totally consume me though. I could disappear into a Minecraft server for a whole weekend, haha.

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