An $8.00 Project

Well the biggest glaring flaw on the Jeep to me was the paint on the rear vents between the window and the hatch.  After years of UV rays, the paint had begun to bake off.  Not sure why it hasn’t effected the rest of the Jeep, but I’m not complaining.

So I stopped by Autozone and got an $8.00 can of Duplicolor “Chrysler Flame Red” and set out to clean ’em up.

Here you can see a previous picture that shows where the paint was gone behind the windows.

They come off pretty easy.  Even so, I busted one of the mounting pegs when I was pulling it off.  A little super glue overnight and it seems like it’s holding strong.

They didn’t turn out perfect so I might pull them back off sometime down the road and redo them, but for now.  They met my “better than it was” standard.

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