We saw the new James Bond movie tonight.  Andrea’s sister Michelle and her family came up here to see it in the theater on opening night.  Our little theater here isn’t much, but it’s still kind of cool to go see a 007 film on opening night.

I’ve been avoiding a lot of info about this movie, and after seeing it, I’m glad I did.  Holy crap it was amazing.  I’m not going to even speak of certain scenes or anything.  If you’re a Bond fan even a little bit, you have to see this one.  There’s a lot of throwbacks to the old films, but they are nice and subtle for the most part.

What I will say in more broad terms is that these Daniel Craig Bond movies are really becoming my favorites.  They are grittier, darker, and more emotional that what Bond used to be.  They just feel meatier.  Bond has always been an action packed romp though the world of sex and espionage, but these new ones just have their own panache.  Okay, I’ll say it.  I think Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond.  Man… that was kind of hard to do.

The highlight of the night though, came after the film.  I was walking out of the theater, and I heard a kid, probably 14 or so.  And he said to somebody, “How many people can say they went to see 007 on opening night?”

I instantly smiled.  Because that was exactly me when I was that age.  I was such a Bond geek.  I suppose I still am, I just don’t allow myself to indulge like I used to.  But I got to thinking about bow BIG OF A DEAL the release of Tomorrow Never Dies was for me.  Oh, I followed all the hype, and bought into all the product placement stuff, and just completely dove in.  Seeing 007 on opening night for me WAS a big deal.  So hearing that kid say that with the same enthusiasm I used to have, just took me back to that place instantly.

Watch Skyfall.  And once it comes out on video, I’ll post all sorts of spoiler-rific stuff about it.  Because I’m really excited to talk about it all.  But I don’t want to ruin the experience for anyone else.  Going into this film not knowing what to expect is by far the best way to experience it.

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  1. Yeah, I sooo want to see this film! Thanks for the recommendation–and for keeping it spoiler-free!

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