Keepin’ it Simple

Well I spent some time on the roof and put up some Christmas lights.  I haven’t strung up proper Christmas lights… well ever.

Finding the lights was a royal pain.  And I ended up settling on these.  I like the old big bulbs.  You know the ones that can burn down your Christmas tree if you leave them on all night?  That’s what I want.  Big incandescent bulbs.  But just like my CFL problem… it’s hard to buy Christmas lights that aren’t LEDs anymore.  Especially in the big bulb form.  Honestly though, these didn’t turn out too bad.  They are still a pretty warm white.  I suppose I can handle that.

I have one more strand to put up on the front porch, but I goofed and bought 125 lights, and only 100 clips.  So I only had enough to do the roof.  Which was the hard part anyway.  I should have the rest of it finished up tomorrow!

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