Daily Archives: November 29, 2012

My Chat with Cleverbot

Cleverbot.com is a website where you can basically chat with a computer.  It has something to do with algorithms and such.  I don’t know how it works.  But this is what went down while I was talking to a computer:

Cleverbot: What have you learned about life?

User: Time is more valuable than money.

Cleverbot: But there is such a thing as natural time.

User: What is natural time?

Cleverbot: The only distinct meaning of the word ‘natural’ is stated, fixed or settled.

User: Then no, time is relative.

Cleverbot: Time is relative to what?

User: Time is relative to the observer.

Cleverbot: The universive.

User: The universe is full of different observers. Your perception of time can be different than my perception of time.

Cleverbot: Logically, yes. But the things in our past that yeild the things in our future are distinct things. Just because one may lead to the other does not mean they are correlated.

User: The choices we make in the present yield our future, not the past.

Cleverbot: I was not made in the UK I was made and born in NZ.