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80 Hours of Fun

This past weekend we wrapped up the last of the family Christmases.  I was generously given some Best Buy gift cards from my Grandma and Aunt & Uncle.  Thank you!

In the past this would have been a bit challenging, since the closest Best Buy is 2 hours away.  But thanks to their website and free shipping I scored these awesome deals!

These are two amazing games that I’d had to pass on when they came out but now are on the “Nintendo Selects” line which is Nintendo’s “Greatest Hits” pretty much.  Each of these games was only $20!  Brand new!  I love it!  And there’s a ton of content.  Hell, at the rate I’m going it will only take about a year for me to get through these.  Actually, that’s a pretty good entertainment value if these last that long.

I’ve made some progress on the retro room.  Got the NES hooked up in there finally.  Gave the console a thorough cleaning which it probably hasn’t ever got more than a dusting in the 25 years it has existed.  So I played a bit of Dr. Mario last night before I headed to bed.  Also downloaded Balloon Fight on the Wii U Virtual Console for 30 cents.  Andrea and I had a blast playing that for probably an hour!  Unfortunately outside of that I haven’t had much time to play games.  Hopefully with these two epic additions, that changes soon.



Doing Something Interesting

I’ve had the urge to create, and it seems like it gets stronger every day.  Each time I have some free time to actually do something, or plan something. I am coming up COMPLETELY blank.  I feel like I’d really like to do something with video.  So as an exercise, I’ll list my strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths & Weaknesses in Making Interesting Videos on the Internet:


  • Not afraid of being an idiot
  • I think I’m funny (Might be a weakness?)
  • Have a decent camera
  • I like games (Games are popular on internet)


  • No ideas
  • Not good looking
  • No time for editing
  • Need more equipment (Capturing direct footage)

Okay.  So there we go.  Writing those down was… not helpful.  Maybe I should just stick to this blog thing.

Crazy Ass Dream

Courtesy of (Warning: Mature Language Ahead…)

Usually any dreams I have fade away quickly afta I wake up.  But dis one has straight-up stuck wit mah crazy ass fo’ whatever reason.

Andrea n’ I is stayin up in a hotel.  It’s a pretty ill place yo, but not like tha Waldorf.  Maybe a Hilton. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch.  Thin is like two floors directly above us, Kelly Clarkson is stayin up in tha same stupid-ass hotel.  And EVERYBODY knows it cuz there be a ton of gangstas up there hopin ta catch a glimpse.  So our crazy-ass asses figure, what tha fuck tha hell, we’ll go check it up since everyone else is.

Kelly’s crew apparently anticipated all this, cuz there was displays n’ a sort of mini-exhibit all bout her muthafuckin ass.  And all tha gangstas was millin around checkin it all out.  Da displays was all laid up kind of up in chronological order of her game.  Most gangstas was down all up in tha end gawkin at all tha freshly smoked up shiznit n’ readin lil plaques bout how tha fuck her ass came up wit her joints dat everyone hears on tha radio n’ TV.  A few gangstas was up in tha middle.  But Andrea n’ I was tha only gangstas all up in tha other end where her early shiznit was.  I remember sayin ta Andrea, “Her freshly smoked up shiznit is phat yo, but I just straight-up gots nuff props fo’her original gangsta joints tha best.”

Lo n’ behold, Kelly Clarkson was standin up in earshot when I holla’d dat n’ strutted over n’ holla’d somethang ta tha effect dat her ass was surprised ta hear some muthafucka say that and it was refreshin ta hear some muthafucka whoz ass didn’t just want tha freshly smoked up n’ sickest fuckin.  Clarkson holla’d, “I hit dat shizzle just as hard on em projects as I do wit mah current ones, so it’s frustratin when gangstas just forget bout them.”  Of course I straight-up agreed wit her muthafuckin ass.

I’m a funky-ass bit blurry on how tha fuck it happened afta dat yo, but at least fo’ tha time being, our crazy-ass asses was now up in Kelly’s “circle” n’ our crazy-ass asses was headed somewhere ta do somethang, probably phat.  At tha straight-up least our crazy-ass asses was goin ta git ta ride up in her limo, muthafucka!  So our crazy-ass asses git on tha elevator ta head down ta tha lobby n’ leave fo’ wherever our crazy-ass asses is going.  But as our crazy-ass asses was gettin on tha elevator, a elderly biatch was tryin ta git on but tha doors fuckin started ta close before her ass could step on tha elevator.  Bein tha kind ass I’m shizzle Kelly Clarkson is, her ass reached ta hold tha door open fo’ tha oldschool biatch.

Da elevator was one of em fancy glass elevators dat rides along tha outside of a funky-ass buildin so you can git a awe inspirin view of tha skyline, which I remember as bein generic enough not ta be familiar ta mah dirty ass.  It wasn’t crowded yo, but you could tell dat wit our next occupant, we’d be inclined ta tell every last muthafuckin muthafucka whoz ass came next ta wait fo’ tha next one, rather than pack our asses all in.

I wanna say tha oldschool biatch had a strutter.  At any rate, her ass was movin at a glacial pace.  Kelly Clarkson continued ta hold open tha door yo, but tha longer her ass held it, tha mo’ determined tha door was ta close.  Biatch tried ta push tha door open, kinda up in frustration n’ kinda ta protect tha oldschool biatch from gettin trapped by tha ever persistent doors.  Right then tha elevator door slid back all up in it’s hidin place n’ exposed tha ground below.  Biatch slipped and disrocked up.

Everyone instantly screamed, n’ it seemed like our crazy-ass asses all took a instinctizzle step back not knowin fo’ a brief instant if tha whole elevator was goin ta fall.  Half a funky-ass beat later when I realized tha floor beneath mah feet was still solid, I dove fo’ tha opening.

Kelly had grabbed a hold of a shitload of tha machinery under tha elevator, n’ held on tightly wit her feet danglin up in empty space.  All I could peep was rowz of hotel room windows growin eva smalla until they eventually kicked it wit a parkin lot some 20 stories below.

As her ass hung there her ass wasn’t lookin up at mah dirty ass.  I hollered ta her, “Kelly, I’m here, muthafucka!  Grab mah hand!”  Still without lookin up her ass reached up a hand. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka!  At first I couldn’t reach her at all.  I slid a funky-ass bit further over tha edge, not wantin ta plunge our asses both ta our dirtnap when her weight was added ta mine.  I grasped her hand yo, but it was all oily from tha machine work her ass clung too n’ slipped. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka!  ”Hold on!” I shouted.

I done cooked up tha freshest lunge I could n’ our crazy-ass asses clasped each other’s wrists.  I then was able ta git mah other hand around her forearm n’ pulled her up.  I remember thankin her ass was lighter than I thought her ass would be.  Dope fo’ both of our asses I guess.

As I pulled her up her ass was able ta git her footin on a big-ass gear underneath where tha door used ta be.  But it was one of em gears dat looked like if it engaged it would just pulverize anythang dat kicked it wit its teeth.  I could tell by tha look on her grill her ass had tha same stupid-ass thought I did so wit one last tug, her ass was back up in tha elevator.

Guess what, muthafucka! Biatch looked bout how tha fuck you would expect every last muthafuckin muthafucka ta look afta her ass almost plummeted from a elevator.  Biatch was visibly frazzled, oil covered n’ wind blown. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch.  Our thugged-out asses all exited tha elevator ta tha 20th-ish floor lobby where I guided her ta a cold-ass lil chair ta collect her muthafuckin ass.

Now at dis point I woke up.  I can only assume dat Andrea n’ I was later invited ta do all sortz of def celebritizzle shiznit n’ become Kelly Clarkson’s freshly smoked up besties.

More Sight Seeing

Ahh, yes.  Guild Wars 2.  It feels like I had been away for so long.  It’s probably been a couple months actually since I had sat down and made any meaningful progress in the game.  And this weekend I probably got a solid 6 hours in.

The game never ceases to blow my mind with the amount of detail and care that goes into the world.  And according to my stats I’ve only seen 20% of it.  I’m really taking my time with this one.  It’s not that I rushed through the first Guild Wars by any stretch, but you only get this opportunity once… to play a game for the first time.

Here’s some more screenshots from today’s adventures.  I picked up where I left of yesterday, and then made my way to the Asura home city, a much more technologically centered race.

Another frothy ale. I love the Norn. Yes, you occasionally see characters passed out in the snow. Parents, check the ESRB rating!

A misty valley.

One of the tasks asked of me was to feed fish to the bear cubs.

Subterranean cave. Isn’t that the only kind?

Looking up out of the valley this time.


Some kind of mining operation going on here.

I love the lighting in this game. The way the snow glistens, the rugged shadows on the rocks. It’s a little surreal, but not over the top.

Peering down into a ravine.

Statues of the Norn Spirits.

Just another mountain skyline. They’re pretty much all amazing in every direction.

Passing through Lion’s Arch on my way to Rata Sum. If you play the game, this is a scene you’ll see a hundred times, but it deserves to be appreciated just the same. Love the way the city rises into the distance.  All of course you can go explore up close!

Enjoying a stranger’s balcony.


Now in Rata Sum.  Asura specialize in technology, everywhere you look there’s something sufficiently advanced enough to be considered magic.


Looking towards the city center, with two Asura chatting it up next to me.

From city center looking back to where I was standing in the previous picture.

Crafting stations. One part of the game I’ve barely scratched the surface in.


Asura dock and more fantastic lighting.


Finished up my day by swimming with the whales.










Guild Wars 2 Adventures

Nothing epic tonight.  For the most part it’s notable that I was actually able to play a considerable amount this weekend!  That’s an achievement in and of itself for me.

I spent all my time in the Norn starter area just exploring, doing events and quests.  It was pretty laid back and non stressful, which is exactly what I was going for.

The Norn area is great, because everywhere you look there’s a keg or tankard of ale.  Everyone has one in their house.  There’s dozens of them at courtyards.  It makes me thirsty!

I could get along with these people.

Distant Peaks

A greener area in the foothills.

There is lots of turmoil in the world, but there are still some quiet and serene, even happy, corners of it.

Taking in the view after navigating a jumping puzzle.





Interesting Dream

Usually any dreams I have fade away quickly after I wake up.  But this one has really stuck with me for whatever reason.

Andrea and I are staying in a hotel.  It’s a pretty nice place, but not like the Waldorf.  Maybe a Hilton.  Thing is like two floors directly above us, Kelly Clarkson is staying in the same hotel.  And EVERYBODY knows it because there is a ton of people up there hoping to catch a glimpse.  So we figure, what the hell, we’ll go check it out since everyone else is.

Kelly’s crew apparently anticipated all this, because there were displays and a sort of mini-exhibit all about her.  And all the people were milling around checking it all out.  The displays were all laid out kind of in chronological order of her career.  Most people were down at the end gawking at all the new stuff and reading little plaques about how she came up with her songs that everyone hears on the radio and TV.  A few people were in the middle.  But Andrea and I were the only people at the other end where her early stuff was.  I remember saying to Andrea, “Her new stuff is good, but I just really like her original songs the best.”

Lo and behold, Kelly Clarkson was standing in earshot when I said that and walked over and said something to the effect that she was surprised to hear someone say that and it was refreshing to hear somebody who didn’t just want the new and latest.  Clarkson said, “I worked just as hard on those projects as I do with my current ones, so it’s frustrating when people just forget about them.”  Of course I totally agreed with her.

I’m a bit blurry on how it happened after that, but at least for the time being, we were now in Kelly’s “circle” and we were headed somewhere to do something, probably awesome.  At the very least we were going to get to ride in her limo!  So we get on the elevator to head down to the lobby and leave for wherever we are going.  But as we were getting on the elevator, an elderly woman was trying to get on but the doors began to close before she could step on the elevator.  Being the kind soul I’m sure Kelly Clarkson is, she reached to hold the door open for the old woman.

The elevator was one of those fancy glass elevators that rides along the outside of a building so you can get an awe inspiring view of the skyline, which I remember as being generic enough not to be familiar to me.  It wasn’t crowded, but you could tell that with our next occupant, we’d be inclined to tell anyone who came next to wait for the next one, rather than pack us all in.

I want to say the old woman had a walker.  At any rate, she was moving at a glacial pace.  Kelly Clarkson continued to hold open the door, but the longer she held it, the more determined the door was to close.  She tried to push the door open, partly in frustration and partly to protect the old woman from getting trapped by the ever persistent doors.  Right then the elevator door slid back through it’s hiding place and exposed the ground below.  She slipped and disappeared.

Everyone instantly screamed, and it seemed like we all took an instinctive step back not knowing for a brief instant if the whole elevator was going to fall.  Half a beat later when I realized the floor beneath my feet was still solid, I dove for the opening.

Kelly had grabbed a hold of some of the machinery under the elevator, and held on tightly with her feet dangling in empty space.  All I could see was rows of hotel room windows growing ever smaller until they eventually met a parking lot some 20 stories below.

As she hung there she wasn’t looking up at me.  I hollered to her, “Kelly, I’m here!  Grab my hand!”  Still without looking up she reached out a hand.  At first I couldn’t reach her at all.  I slid a bit further over the edge, not wanting to plunge us both to our death when her weight was added to mine.  I grasped her hand, but it was all oily from the machine work she clung too and slipped.  “Hold on!” I shouted.

I made the biggest lunge I could and we clasped each other’s wrists.  I then was able to get my other hand around her forearm and pulled her up.  I remember thinking she was lighter than I thought she would be.  Good for both of us I guess.

As I pulled her up she was able to get her footing on a large gear underneath where the door used to be.  But it was one of those gears that looked like if it engaged it would just pulverize anything that met its teeth.  I could tell by the look on her face she had the same thought I did so with one last tug, she was back in the elevator.

She looked about how you would expect anyone to look after she almost plummeted from an elevator.  She was visibly frazzled, oil covered and wind blown.  We all exited the elevator to the 20th-ish floor lobby where I guided her to a chair to collect herself.

Now at this point I woke up.  I can only assume that Andrea and I were later invited to do all sorts of cool celebrity stuff and become Kelly Clarkson’s new besties.

Side Project

I mentioned in my last post a project I’ve been working on in Minecraft.  Since my quarry is always working when I’m away, I’m able to gather enough resources to build this thing.  You might recognize it.

Each block represents 1 pixel of the BIG castle you find at the end of Worlds X-3 in the original Super Mario Bros.  I originally planned on scaling this down, but it wasn’t looking right, so I just built it to its highest fidelity.  Though I didn’t quite expect it to get this big.  I also originally planned to translate this into 3-D.  But I quickly realized how daunting it was going to be to create it in 2-D form.  This castle has around 16,000 blocks.  All placed by hand.  Math that I should have done BEFORE I started building….

2013 is Here

I was doing so good posting on the blog.  Then all of a sudden it’s like the will and ability to post just wasn’t there anymore.

It’s been busy as every holiday is.  So many weekends in a row being gone, and my free time for producing anything tangible during the week is limited.  I have just enough time to start most things, but not enough time to finish them.  Right now I’m writing this at 9:00 PM while I’m still at work training one of our part-timers.  Which hopefully means I’ll be filling in for missing part-timers less often in the long run.

Hard to imagine with the utter lack of my existence online lately, but I really think I need to unplug.  It’s one of the things I love about camping.  There’s no radio, internet, TV or distractions.  And you just free your mind to think about things in a more deep and meaningful way.  So much content out there is trying to evoke some sort of desired emotional response, whether its outrage, desire, or excitement.  Everyonce in a while I need some utter solitude where there are no outside messages trying to influence my decision making and just let my mind unravel things as it will.

I’ve been playing some Tekkit on Bieb’s server.  I got my resource collection up and running to a point now I can just login and build stuff.  I’ll post some screenshots of my project once it starts to take shape a bit.  It’s something you should recognize.

I have a hard time really committing myself to Minecraft.  Everything I’ve ever built has been lost for one reason or another.  Server crashes, world corruptions.  It’s just a matter of time before its all gone in a digital POOF.  I’ve had a lot of fun watching the Yogscast Tekkit series though.  And it’s hard to resist playing for myself.  There’s that outside influence I was talking about earlier.

I also am anxious to get back into Guild Wars 2.  I mean REALLY anxious.  There is just so many damn things to do!  It’s a little bit daunting considering I want to do it ALL.  But I need to just take my time and realize I have years and years ahead of me yet to experience all that content.  It doesn’t help much that Andrea doesn’t play so I’m playing solo all the time.  I really would like to find a nice guild… but again, I don’t really have the time to commit to something like that.

So this was basically another chapter in “How Matt Became a Grumpy Old Man”.