More Sight Seeing

Ahh, yes.  Guild Wars 2.  It feels like I had been away for so long.  It’s probably been a couple months actually since I had sat down and made any meaningful progress in the game.  And this weekend I probably got a solid 6 hours in.

The game never ceases to blow my mind with the amount of detail and care that goes into the world.  And according to my stats I’ve only seen 20% of it.  I’m really taking my time with this one.  It’s not that I rushed through the first Guild Wars by any stretch, but you only get this opportunity once… to play a game for the first time.

Here’s some more screenshots from today’s adventures.  I picked up where I left of yesterday, and then made my way to the Asura home city, a much more technologically centered race.

Another frothy ale. I love the Norn. Yes, you occasionally see characters passed out in the snow. Parents, check the ESRB rating!

A misty valley.

One of the tasks asked of me was to feed fish to the bear cubs.

Subterranean cave. Isn’t that the only kind?

Looking up out of the valley this time.


Some kind of mining operation going on here.

I love the lighting in this game. The way the snow glistens, the rugged shadows on the rocks. It’s a little surreal, but not over the top.

Peering down into a ravine.

Statues of the Norn Spirits.

Just another mountain skyline. They’re pretty much all amazing in every direction.

Passing through Lion’s Arch on my way to Rata Sum. If you play the game, this is a scene you’ll see a hundred times, but it deserves to be appreciated just the same. Love the way the city rises into the distance.  All of course you can go explore up close!

Enjoying a stranger’s balcony.


Now in Rata Sum.  Asura specialize in technology, everywhere you look there’s something sufficiently advanced enough to be considered magic.


Looking towards the city center, with two Asura chatting it up next to me.

From city center looking back to where I was standing in the previous picture.

Crafting stations. One part of the game I’ve barely scratched the surface in.


Asura dock and more fantastic lighting.


Finished up my day by swimming with the whales.











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