Doing Something Interesting

I’ve had the urge to create, and it seems like it gets stronger every day.  Each time I have some free time to actually do something, or plan something. I am coming up COMPLETELY blank.  I feel like I’d really like to do something with video.  So as an exercise, I’ll list my strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths & Weaknesses in Making Interesting Videos on the Internet:


  • Not afraid of being an idiot
  • I think I’m funny (Might be a weakness?)
  • Have a decent camera
  • I like games (Games are popular on internet)


  • No ideas
  • Not good looking
  • No time for editing
  • Need more equipment (Capturing direct footage)

Okay.  So there we go.  Writing those down was… not helpful.  Maybe I should just stick to this blog thing.

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