Impending Doom


I’m ready for it.  Bring it on.  I have plenty of beer.  I have Spam and bread.  I have a wiener dog for company.  I have 4 stacks of firewood.  So even if we lose power for a few days, I can handle it.

At work we took it upon ourselves to dub this coming storm, “Winter Storm Agatha”.  We’ve been using that term on the air on two radio stations and on the work Facebook pages.  I’m curious to see if people just assume we know what we are talking about or not.  Haha.  I figure if the Weather Channel can unilaterally name a blizzard “Nemo” we can call this one Agatha.

One of two things will ultimately happen.  One, I get out of work before it gets really nasty tomorrow, get home, and likely snowed in Thursday morning.  Or two, things get too nasty to drive home after work Wednesday and I end up getting stuck at the radio station.  I’d much rather be stuck at home than at work.  But we’ll just have to see what happens.  I really don’t want to get the Cutlass stuck anywhere, so I’m not going to take any travel chances.  I’m just going to stock up on creature comforts and food on my way to work tomorrow and hope I don’t need any of them.

My gut always tells me they over exaggerate these storms.  They seem pretty certain this will be a fairly significant event though.  So we’ll see what actually materializes.  Dad said it best when I was talking to him on the phone tonight, “They’ve narrowed it down.  We are for sure going to get somewhere between 2 and 22 inches of snow.”  Haha.

Hunker down.  Agatha beckons!

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