Daily Archives: March 4, 2013

Meanwhile in Tyria

This weekend I had the pleasure of playing more Guild Wars 2.  Big thanks goes out to Biebs from joshbieber.com for helping me steamroll through a personal story quest I’ve been stuck on for months.

After that I spent some time exploring more of Lion’s Arch and the Gendarran Fields to the north.

Overlooking the thick of Lion’s Arch.

Lion’s Arch Centre. Asura transport gates on the right will take you to any corner of the world you could want to go.

The Ascalon Settlement in Kryta has certianly grown in the past 250 years.

Arrrg. Pirates. I spent a lot of time sneaking around their lair and hassling them. (a.k.a. killing them and stealing their booty)

Now this is a fortress. A Vigil stronghold in the middle of Kryta. The Vigil is a military group dedicated to fighting the Elder Dragons. A far greater threat than stinky ol’ pirates. A threat I definitely am not ready to face.

Lots of epicness here.

By far my favorite part of this game is the exploration.  I’m avoiding all the wikis, and walkthroughs, and guides.  I’m just going down every new path with complete and utter ignorance to what lie ahead of me, and it is a fantastic experience!  Seeing a big brick wall at the top of a hill, only to discover it is the amazing fortress you see above.  I can’t get enough of this game!