Some light adventuring, and profits!

Biebs turned me on to a method to buy/sell stuff on the Trading Post in GW2 that has been somewhat profitable in the past day or so.  Basically just buying stuff cheap and selling it high, no super big secrets or anything.  But the thing I love most about GW2’s trading system, is the Trading Post itself.  I can search the TP for some good deals, order them up.  Then go off and do something else while I wait for the items to come in (you have to wait for other players to sell the item you are requesting at the price you want).  Then when I have some stock, I list them at the new price, and wait for the coins to roll in.  (Again, you wait for other players to buy your stuff)

So I can stack up a whole bunch of stuff… then go to work, hang out with the family, or heaven forbid, actually PLAY the game!

I did spend a little time adventuring towards my next objecting working my way through Lornar’s Pass.

In the Durmand Priory.

Lots of floating tablets. Thar be LORE in those tablets!

See, told ya.

The path is pretty treacherous down there. Lots of spiders.

Hanging meat makes a Charr hungry.

A Priory campsite.


A roaring campfire in the frigid mountain trails.





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