Preperation and Organization

Good morning.  It’s been crazy around here lately.  But that’s the new normal I guess.  Spent the week doing all the normal work, but also had to spend a good amount of time working on computers for people on the side.  I am so lucky to have a job that pretty much lets me come and go.  I make it clear to all my computer customers that my radio job comes first.  So sometimes they have to wait a bit for me to get there.  But it’s nice that people on both sides are pretty understanding.

I ended up recording 25 shows this week at the radio station.  Usually I’m only doing my daily show for Great Bend and Junction City, then some weekend shows for North Platte.  But this week I did daily shows for North Platte and Hutch in addition to all that.  The extra money is nice though.  And since I’ve taken to actually prepping out some of the show, they go a lot quicker, as I’m not sitting there thinking… “Okay, so what am I going to talk about now?”

That has kinda been my theme lately.  It feels like life has been getting so busy and a little bit out of control, so I decided I wanted to take back some of that control.  And it’s just come down to preparation and organization.

Not only have I started preparing my show better, but Andrea and I are doing a better job of looking and seeing what expenses are coming down the road.  We’ve always done monthly budgets and set aside money for things like, food, gas, etc.  But if we took a trip to Wichita and a trip to Cimarron in the same month, it would really put us in a crunch at the end of the month.  So now, we plan those out weeks or even months in advance.  So going into the month, we know what we have to work with AND still be able to do what we want.  Money has definitely been far less of a stress since that happened.  Of course it helps that we didn’t end up having to spend $1,000 putting a new motor in the Jeep!

As far as organization, well, that’s just one thing at a time.  It’s physical organization, with stuff around the house.  It’s really hard to be organized if you don’t have a “place” for something.  So that’s when it ends up just laying around.  So I’ve been trying to come up with stuff in the garage for instance, that helps those little things have a place to go.  I’m trying to organize my time better.  It feels like I have so little of it that, it’s important not to waste any of it.  For instance yesterday I knew I had more work than I cold get done from 8 to 5, and rather than stay late and miss time with my family, I just went in at 4am.  I still got off relatively close to 5pm, and it was still a long day, but at least I was away from home while the family was sleeping instead of when they were awake.  Of course I ended up passing out on the floor of the computer room at 10:30pm.  Haha.

Anyway, for now.  Life seems a bit calmer.  It helps that we aren’t running around every weekend like we’ve been known to do.  So I’m taking advantage of this time.  Hopefully will be a fun and productive weekend.  The next thing I need to tackle is my gaming backlog.  How to get some of the games I really want to play, played, but still play some Guild Wars 2 which has had me reeled back in and hooked here the last couple weeks.  My best idea at this time is just pick different days of the week to play certian games.  Especially since a game like Guild Wars is a game that I will never truly “finish”.

Sorry I have neglected the blog… again.  I aim to work more writing back into my life as well.  It’s beneficial for me to get these thoughts out of my head, so I look forward to doing it more often.

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