Pick a Direction and Go

One of my favorite things to do in Guild Wars 2 is just set out with absolutely no objective other than exploring.  Every map is gorgeous and there’s so many times where you’re walking along thinking, “This is so beauti… WHOA!  That’s amazing!”

Here’s some screenshots from tonight’s expedition!

Lion’s Arch skyline at night.

Outskirts of “LA”.

Full moon. A surreal night sky isn’t exactly realistic, but it is sure beautiful.

Just a loading screen. JUST a loading screen? Hell there’s times I wish the map hadn’t loaded yet because I was still appreciating the art!

Swamp in Kessex Hills.

Higher ground in Kessex.

Nothing particularly special. Just appreciating some of the nuances. The crazy number of buildings you can actually go in. And I thought the lighting looked cool on my character.

The last several pictures all have been literally just like 20 steps into Kessex Hills. There’s amazing stuff every inch!

And that’s where I called it a night. What else could be out there to explore?

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