Bending the Rules

Well… Monday’s are supposed to be Guild Wars 2 night according to my new weekly regimen.  But I played a fair amount yesterday, and since this morning for some reason I really wanted to play Guild Wars: Original Recipe.

So I took my GW2 night and made it a GW1 night.  A lot of the night was spent opening up new birthday presents.  All my characters except one had a birthday present to open.  Seems like it must have been that long since I’ve logged in.  And I got one of my most desired minis!  The Mini Candysmith Marley!

Mini Candysmith Marley

I spent the rest of the time mostly roaming around with no purpose.  I feel like when I log into Guild Wars now, I really should have the goal of accomplishing something.  With the Hall of Monuments, some of your achievements in GW can actually carry over to GW2.  I guess I sorta met that requirement by dedicating 5 new minis I didn’t have.  Wasn’t enough to get me another point, but it got me closer.

And because I always take gratuitous screenshots.  Here’s some nostalgic screenshots from tonight!  Man I can’t believe it’s been over 7 years since I started playing.  I also didn’t quite appreciate how much of an improvement GW2 graphics were over GW1 but next to my previous post, you certainly can notice the difference.  Guild Wars just doesn’t have the layout that allows for the wide open vistas like Guild Wars 2.  I still enjoy the screen shots just the same.

Wading in the waters of Ascalon City, thinking about old times.

Trudging towards a Xunlai Chest in the Shiverpeaks to deposit a new Mini Pet.

Excited to get my Candysmith Marley! Next to a Gwen Doll, this was the one I wanted most that I don’t already have.

Some of my Mini Pet collection. I’m such a junkie.

My main character in the Hall of Monuments.

Still enough people playing to warrant more than one District. The Pre-Searing community has always interested me. I don’t think these guys will ever leave. They may play other games, but they stay logged in just to chat if nothing else.

Looking back at Ascalon City. It’s never looked so good. And (SPOILERS)…it never will again!

Pre-Searing Ascalon is still one of those places that relaxes me. You can’t not enjoy the countryside.

As the maps were designed, you never really get far reaching views of the horizon like you can in Guild Wars 2. This was surely due to graphical limitations and system requirements. Funny that I never even noticed until now.

“The Gate” at the Great Northern Wall. Requires another real player partner to open and allow you to run through.  Many players hire a “Gate Monkey” to perform this service.

The often screenshoted Ashford village.

Rolling hills and woods in Ascalon. Too bad it all had to end.

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