Off the Grid

Well, this weekend was Mom’s 50th Birthday celebration.  Duane, my stepdad, rented a cabin out at Coldwater lake and invited all the family out.  It was a lot of fun!  We enjoyed some frosty beverages, grilled some burgers and hot dogs and generally just did a lot of relaxing.

I made the decision that as soon as I got there I was turning the phone off.  I already warned everyone I’d be out of cell phone range.  And I can’t tell you the last time I was completely out of contact with the outside world.  No phone, no internet, nada.  I wanted to TOTALLY disconnect, and I found the experience to be a joyous one.  I just popped it off as soon as we got there and left the phone in the Jeep.  My mind was so free knowing that that phone wouldn’t, and couldn’t ring.  At first my free thoughts were wondering how things were going back at the station, or if there was severe weather.  But eventually my free thoughts became occupied by other more relaxing things like.  How beautiful the sky was, how cool it would be to build a cabin like the one we were in someday.  It was totally NON-stressful and it was great.

Luke is such a good little guy.  He really does great in pretty much every situation.  I suppose it helps that the weather was beautiful and the bugs weren’t bad at all.  He had a great time playing outside the whole time with shovels, trucks and cars.  His cousins Bryson and Brody were there and Luke was a good little worker helping them excavate the ground around our campfire.


We took the Jeep, which made me a bit nervous since we’ve been having issues with the oil pressure dropping down to zero.  But the whole way down and back (about 4 hours round trip) you wouldn’t even know there was a problem.  I still think there is an issue because I’ve heard the lifters ticking when the gauge drops to zero.  Most of the research points to worn out cam bearings, which at that point you might as well get an engine rebuild.  So for now we’re going to keep driving it until it starts getting noisy on a regular basis or it just plain explodes.

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  1. It was a wonderful weekend! No one I would rather hang with on our birthdays! Let’s see what next year brings for our birthdays!

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