Long Day

Man.  What a day.  Our office Christmas party was last night.  We didn’t stay out real late.  Got home at 11PM.  (Geeze, you know what.. yeah that’s real late for me these days).  I was super tired by the time we picked up Luke from the neighbor’s house and got back home.  I pretty much went straight to bed.  I usually listen to a podcast while I drift off, I didn’t even get it started last night.

Then I slept in longer than usual today.  Didn’t get up until 6AM got around and headed in.  I had a remote and ballgames tonight.  I was on vacation Monday and Tuesday, so I was instantly behind for the week.  Long story short, I finally got out of the radio station at 1am.  Ugh.

There was some good stuff today though.  I got all my work done so I shouldn’t have to be in over the weekend.  We aren’t going anywhere.  And we got pre-approved for a home loan!  Kinda exciting though.  We’re in no big hurry to buy.  We kinda just wanted to know what we could do and stay in our comfort zone.  We haven’t even set any goals yet or anything.  But felt like we were finally taking a baby step towards being home owners.

And so that’s it.  I probably would have just gone straight to bed on a day like this, but I wanted to get a brief blog in.  So there, I did it!

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