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I’d taken a bit of a break from my nightly routine.  But Monday and today I was able to play a bit of Guild Wars 2.  This game is more than I’ll ever be able to experience in its entirety, so for the moment, I’m happy just to be able to exist in it.  There is so much content being released that I can’t keep up with it all.  Two years have gone by and I still really haven’t gotten into any of the Wintersday stuff.  Maybe this year…

I really can get enough though just adventuring and taking in the sites as usual.  I’m following the main storyline and getting close to maxing out my character at level 80.  There’s so much to do beyond that though.  If this were me 5 years ago, I’d be hard pressed to pull myself away from this game.  But alas, I try not to focus on what I’m missing in the game, and enjoy what I can experience when I have time.  That alone is enough.

What the heck is that? I never did find out. It was impervious to all my attacks.

Can you find me?

How about now?

Here’s some of the new content I accidentally stumbled upon. Was pretty fun. Had to solve some puzzles and kick some butts to kill this big ole plant that was oozing evil into the world. Or something like that.

Wrapping up the night at an outpost after finishing some of the main storyline. Was a good night. Other than I accidentally slaughtered an entire platoon of my own troops. Mistakes happen.





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  1. Things GW2 has taught me:

    1. If it says “Suspicious” in front of it….I will get my butt kicked.

    2. The developers of GW2 have an affinity for spiders…and these spiders usually kick my butt. (However, I do normally close my eyes or look away as I wildly hit keys and click the mouse. I am learning to look long enough to get targeted and start attacking. This approach has much less ‘butt-kicking’ involved toward my characters.)

    3. There were nicely wrapped presents all over the map. Upon accidentally opening one…the toys inside kicked my butt.

    4. If it has the word “Toxic” in it’s name this, too, will kick my butt.

    5. The ‘fun’ little Halloween instances they had…yes, kicked my butt. We aren’t talking in the sense that my character ‘struggled’. No, click into instance…BAM, butt kicked.

    I could go on and on. But, when I FINALLY achieve getting to the top and taking in the view of a vista it is amazing! When I take the time to just explore and see the game through the developer’s imagination it is so relaxing. Right now I just want to go through old places, see all there is. Each time there is something I missed when I was there before.

    Oh, and being able to open a tirade on an enemy…that is always good. I have days where I could probably give the enemy names!

    Just sayin’.

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