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Wii Fit U Workout

Since downloading Wii Fit U I’ve been trying to stay fairly regular with my workouts.  That’s gone to all hell this week since I’ve been doing the morning show. Pretty much the only moments I’ve had to myself this week have been while I have been sleeping.  But prior to this week, I’ve really been enjoying my workouts.

It’s nothing fancy, and it’s far from a hardcore workout.  But as out of shape as I’ve been it’s probably better that way.  I pretty much focus on Cardio to get my heart rate up and mix in some strength training routines in between like pushups, rowing squats etc.  Probably the most brutal so far is the “Single-Arm Stand”.  It sounds like something that would require you to balance on one arm.  But what really happens is you hold one arm straight in the air with the Wiimote.  Then you have to lay flat on the ground and get back up.  All while keeping that arm completely vertical.  It’s actually somewhat intense after I do about 12 reps with each arm.  Wii Fit U is definitely enough to make you feel the burn and the soreness the next day.

That’s good though, that’s what I need it for.  I’m not trying to be a fitness nut or anything, but I’m just trying to be more healthy.

One thing I’ve noticed is I pay a lot more attention to what I eat.  Not because I’m trying to diet or anything, I just don’t want all these workouts to be for nothing!  It’s definitely made me more aware of what I’m putting in my body.  I wouldn’t say I’ve given anything up, but I watch my portions more closely than I used to.

The Fit Meter is pretty cool.  After you’ve used it for a while, you can set a daily calorie goal.  If you meet that goal while wearing the Fit Meter it will play a little fanfare tune for you.  It tracks your distance and altitude and you can take fit meter challenges to put your daily activity in perspective.  I’m currently working my way around the Island of Oahu.


Do I feel better?  I can’t really tell.  Maybe.  Sometimes when I’m playing with Luke on the floor and I get up, that involuntary grunt isn’t there like it used to be.  I’ve noticed when I do my 10 minute “run” during my workout, I’m able to push harder for longer.  For the first time since I got the game, my Body Test said “Normal” instead of “Overweight”.  So the needle is moving a bit.  My goal is to get my BMI down to 22, but I definitely think I need to work some more activity into my day to accomplish that.  Spring will help quite a bit with that, I’m sure!

Tomorrow is the last day for the free trial if you want to try it out.  You’ll need a balance board though.  We picked ours up on the local classifieds.  Then if you purchase a Fit Meter for $20 the whole game is yours forever.

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  1. Good job!

    I NEED to get this going. I put it off with the Wii. It’s my goal to get started!

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