Daily Archives: February 16, 2014

The Thaw

Generally I like winter.  The snow is always pretty, even if it makes a mess of things.  The cold isn’t too bad as long as you dress for it.  I think if anything it’s the short days that get me the most now.  The snow is all melting and parts of the yard are seeing sunshine that haven’t seen it in weeks.  Really feels like the calendar is starting to turn now.  Of course I’m sure there’s going to be another cold snap this week that will put us right back where we were.

I was out shoveling the drive last week when the snow came through.  It was dark because it was after Luke went to bed.  But I had my russian hat on, my snow boots, and several layers.  But you know what?  Despite it being 4 above zero and 15mph wind, it didn’t effect me too much.  I felt like I was wearing a space suit, haha.  I enjoy shoveling snow on some level because it’s peaceful, and it’s a time where you’re very unlikely to be disturbed.  Not many people will bug you for fear of becoming part of the snow shoveling team.  So it’s somewhat therapeutic for me.

As spring approaches, I’m reminded I’m going to have to do something about my lawn mower.  I’ve nursed that thing along the last year about as well as I can.  The spark plug wire is toast and is held on by wire.  The deck is rusted and the handle is barely attached after numerous repairs, and despite cleaning out the carb several times, I just can’t get it running smoothly.  A friend at work is selling a self propelled mower for $100.  That’s a little more than I want to pay for a used mower, but it is a nice one… that will probably be the route I go.  My yard just isn’t really big enough to “need” a rider, and I enjoy the exercise I get from mowing.  Kinda like shoveling snow I guess.

I haven’t done much gaming lately.  For some reason I’ve been feeling super nostalgic lately so I’ve spent an unusual amount of time on Google Maps going through the street view of old places I haven’t thought about in ages.  Thought about typing some of those memories out here on the blog, but for some reason this just didn’t really feel like the right place for those.  I dunno maybe.

I’m slowly working on my “project” still tweaking it a bit to get it to do everything I want.  It may yet be a while before I’m ready to show it off.

Still got half the day left on Sunday here.  Got the neighbor girl’s 5th Birthday part to go to, but other than that, I’m relatively free.  I don’t have any thing else planned, and no plans to plan anything.