Well, I know it’s been ages since I wrote last.  I’ve been on vacation for for a week now and it’s been outstanding.  Good for my soul.  Been thinking a lot about why I haven’t been writing lately.  I can’t really pin it down other than the time it takes to do it.  It’s difficult to do during the day with all the distractions and such.  I just don’t possess the focus required.  For instance… it’s taken me 10 minutes to get this far.

Certainly much has happened since I wrote last.  Can’t say I remember all of it.  The Jeep engine has been acting up and indicating that it is going to need rebuilt.  That’s going to be a pricey endeavor.  The oil pressure has been dropping to zero on hot days at a stop light.  But here in the past week on the hottest days… it’s been acting fine… so I’m a bit baffled.  I guess we’ll just keep driving it.

Mario Kart 8 came out.  What a great game.  I’ve been having a lot of fun playing it myself, but most of all, playing with some of the people I’ve met on the N64 forum I’ve started frequenting: N64Forever.com.  We do tournaments every Friday night.  I’m not very good, but it’s fun to play with real people and then talk about the craziness.  It’s about as close as it gets to playing with real friends anymore!

Speaking of party games, we had some family over for my birthday.  Nintendo offered a free digital game download with the purcase of Mario Kart 8.  I got Wii Party U thinking that maybe… someday… people would come over and play video games.  This past weekend we fired it up.  I didn’t even get to play, but I had a blast watching everyone else play.  It’s just a collection of mini-games, but everyone was having fun, and shouting at each other (all in fun of course).  That’s the way games should be played!

Also gaming and birthday related is what is now the centerpiece of my game collection.  My brother-in-law and sister-in-law made a NES themed table for the retro room!  It’s very cool with raised buttons and everything.  I can tell they put a ton of thought and time into it and it’s cool to think that someone went through so much trouble for me.  I’m quite humbled and honored by such a gift.

I picked up a Wii U Pro Controller (just writing as the thoughts come to mind now).  I’d been wanting to get one ever since I got Mario Kart 8.  The Gamepad is ok to play with, but I’m still leary about the punishment that some hardcore Mario Kart dishes out.  I’d rather inflict that punishment on a more easily replaceable controller than the expensive gamepad.  Though I’m sure the sticks are the same and swappable… Not that the Pro Controllers are very cheap… $50!  I remember thinking how outrageous it was that the N64 controllers were $30 back in the day.  Even still, it’s a very nice quality controller.

How else have I been spending my vacation?  Hmmm… Luke has been going to swimming lessons this week and last week.  Too much fun.  He looks forward to it so much that some days it’s the first think that comes out of his mouth when he wakes up.  They’re very basic lessons, mostly about safety and just being comfortable in the water.  But Luke is just out there playing and having a blast.  He gets to mingle with some other kids too, so that is good.  I swam with him all last week, and Andrea is swimming with him this week.

I had great intentions of being super productive with my time off.  And I haven’t been entirely melting into the couch, I did get the yard looking great and the windows on the outside of the house washed.  Washed the Cutlass and waxed the Jeep.  But nothing really life-changing.  I had intended that I would have had the ball joints replaced on the Toronado (already have the parts) and my Vectrex tuned up.  Neither of those have happened, but I don’t feel too terrible about it.  It’s been nice to have some time just to do things that I wanted to do.

I’ve played a lot of Final Fantasy X-HD.  Said it before here… but what a fantastic game.  It’s getting close to the end now, so I’m looking for side stuff to do to drag out the experience as long as possible.  But I still have FFX-2 HD to play after that, so I should just power through… nah.  What good is it if I don’t have all the ultimate weapons!  This or Mario Kart is probably what I’ll get back to right after this blog.

I’ve also been thinking more about video stuff.  How I can pull it off, not only technically, but also just penciling in the time.  If I can’t even make time to write a blog or two in the last several months… how am I going to come up with content for videos and get them edited and uploaded?  The answer is I just need to make the time… like I’ve always said, but never do.  I could get up early and shoot while everyone is sleeping.  Then edit in the evenings.  Maybe just set a goal of one video a week to start with.  What about?   That I don’t know yet.

Luke and I have been watching a lot of a YouTube channel called RaceGrooves. There’s really not much too it other than a guy unboxing Hot Wheels track sets and playing with them on the camera.  Luke loves watching it and I admire the guy’s passion.  The videos are simple two or three angle videos.  He’s not doing anything special, but he has almost 150,000 subscribers and gets close to 1,000,000 views on a lot of his videos.  I’m not worried about becoming an internet celebrity, but I enjoy creating things and it’s fun to share it and find out that there’s other people out there as passionate about the things you are.

But now I’m back.  After another long hiatus.  The long vacation from work has been a healthy thing.  I love my job, but sometimes it takes a lot of energy.  There’s always something more to do.  I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with my family and still have some time for me this week.  And that’s the kind of stuff that recharges me.  Maybe that’s the difference.  I hope to spend some more time here with the blog.  Maybe dive into a few things in more detail.  Or just push ahead from this point forward.  I dunno, and suppose it doesn’t really matter.

See you soon!

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