Still Kicks My Butt


I’ve played a lot of Final Fantasy X.  I’m not a master but I’ve been around the block.  Even so, this game can still kick my but, and it’s been just long enough since I last played I forget some important things.

Last night I decided to play some more FFX-HD before I went to bed.  I’ve been having fun taking my time with this game since it came out.  Been leveling all my characters up evenly and haven’t had any trouble at all so far.  I spent about an hour last night working through one of the final areas in the game.  I was gaining levels and loot like crazy, pretty much cruising through the area until I met the Bohemouth King…

He was pretty tough straight away, able to kill off any of my characters at will with his “Heave” move.  But I was fairly charged up so I would quickly bring them back into battle.  I whittled him down and finally dealt the death blow, and that’s when I forgot that the Bohemouth King dishes out a massive party wide attack when you kill him.  You can’t avoid it, it’s just what he does.  And it wiped out my entire group.  GAME OVER.

I lost an hour’s worth of progress, experience and loot.  At first I was pretty pissed.  And I won’t lie… I’d love to have all those sphere levels back (about 8 per character) that I didn’t get to spend.  But I always talk about how I wish I could go back and re-experience my favorite games without being so jaded.  Well I look at this as a moment where that particular wish was granted.

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