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blue ice

here are some pretty awesome pics … many of you might have seen them however they are being circulated as a tidal wave breaking the ice ….this is not true it just blue ice just wanted to share them you can find a few more pics in my picasa album.

if you need a laugh….

just go here …..

dont ask me why or even how i came across the website … truth be told im not even sure why i went there.

sweet new ride!

the Red Corolla ….. for those who havn’t seen it yet =P

biebsworld hacked

everything is gone … the forums everything… it is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

ucom …

you suck … ok now that is out of my system.

I’ve been with out internet for almost 12 hours now and i guess it wasn’t what i thought at first. i thought they had shut me off, but come to find out mom and dad were having the exact problems i was. the problem is we cant authenticate with the PPPoE server. therefore rendering our connection useless. then at 8:17am the morning mom let me know that both ingalls and cimarron are both without internet service

EDIT: internet services have been restored. so ftp/web servers should be back online

plus I’m still having troubles with my website. Thanks to my awesome host over at they were able to back everything up I’ve come to the conclusion it’s a wordpress plugin that causing the problem. i thought i had had it fixed once, but yesterday i went to login again and another error so I’m going to have to go through ton of code to fix this problem so biebsworld may be crippled for awhile

Biebsworld crashed

some how ive lost everything so dont visit biebsworld for awhile its gone. I’m working with support to get this resolved.

Matt featured on biebscast…

HAHA .. well for those of you who didnt know matt co hosted a biebs cast.

you can download it from here

or just visit and on the left hand side a box with all the episodes there

Return of Biebscast

Return of Biebscast check it out the box to the right click to listen to which ever episode, however i must have deleted the first episode. enjoy!!



i havnt done this for a while heres is yellowjackets final theme i like this one and i think it will stay like this from now on.

drunk ppl crack me up

ok funny story ok i get off work from my saturday shift and im headed up to my apartment. as im strolling the sidewalk the two quite drunk guys are walking towards me. they happen to see my bottle of water which i had removed the label from and one of them ask (direct quote here) “yo bro whacha drinkin in dat der boddle” i look at the bottle and say “oh its new its called liquid tap” he goes “wees ne’er heard of dat is it good” my reply “oh yeah it is try it” threw him my bottle he drinks it an says “dats sum good sh*t you uh canna even tase it” i said “keep it” and they walk off with my bottle of tap water … i love messing with drunk ppl