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Yay, us!

Good Stuff from the garden!

Good Stuff from the garden!

All the hard work is going to pay off.  The garden is starting to take shape.  Our tomato plants are perking up (one even has blooms already), one jalapeno plant survived and the corn is up and doing well.  I’m not too sure what I’m going to do with the turnips Duane planted, but they are thriving  Seriously, what are turnips good for?

Gardening is good for the soul, also good for reminding me of muscles I haven’t used for a while!

The Honeymooners Arrived In Hawaii

The Honeymooners Arrived In Hawaii

Oh, Man!

You know it’s going to be a long day when you wake up, start the coffee and ten minutes later there is just hot water. Yep, guess I left out the important steps of putting in a coffee filter and adding coffee.

This and that…

Normally, in the morning I would get up and read FoxNews on the computer. It’s getting to the point that it was depressing hearing all the bad.

Here a while back I stumbled upon a news website (sort of news) that puts a little spin on things. You’ll have to check it out. Now when I read it I can actually chuckle a bit. Tell me what you think…

Yay, B.L.!

Looks like Bobby did pretty good in the 600 this weekend! Did you watch? Not too darn bad for being a couple of laps down earlier in the race!

Any time Carl and Bobby beat Harvick and Stewart it’s a GOOD RACE! Ha Ha

Yay, Me!

This has been an extremely interesting day! About three months ago I applied for a job over at the Ford County Sheriff’s office in the records office. I went through the interview process and then never heard anything for a long time, so figured that was a bust.

Well, a few weeks ago they called me and asked if I was still interested in the job. SURE! Then began a background search. That thing was DETAILED! They had found where I’d gone to court when I was maybe 15 yrs old. (That was a long, long, long, long time ago!)

After passing this background test I had to go in (today) and take a lie detector test. This is so cool! I admit, it doesn’t take a whole lot to entertain me. It wasn’t near as detailed as it looks on all those crime/drama shows, but still it was a kick.

Starting next week I’ll have a new job. Well, I’m keeping a few days of the waitressing gig cuz it’s hard to give up cash in my pocket when I leave there at night. But the new job pays nice, has paid vacation, paid insurance, retirement… it’s like I’ve growed up and became an adult! Ok, you all know me too well. That’ll never happen. ha ha

Drama, drama, drama!

I wonder how in the world soap operas stay on t.v.  Isn’t there enough drama in life?  Do people really have to tune in and watch the soaps?  Today has been crazy…And it’s not even MY drama!

I just got to thinking, there are people who tune in every day and watch afternoon soap operas, there are magazines dedicated to these soaps…how do people watch it?   Isn’t it possible to O.D. on drama?  I am emotionally drained after watching people deal with the stress in their world today.  I can’t imagine tuning in just to get the drama fix every day.

I don’t know, maybe soap fans need to shut off the t.v. and deal with real life!  Hell, maybe I’m wrong.  That happens a lot!

We all have those ‘moments’…

We call them brain farts, senior moments, blonde moments…something to make light of our stupidity. Heck, I have them every day! So, when someone else does it on a grand-ish scale I have to admit the little ‘evil-me’ kind of enjoys it.

Our Friday lunch special was a Chili Burger. The name implies that it is chili on a burger. I took out my first one and commented that it sure must be a small burger cuz all I see is chili. But, it’s a special and some businesses will downsize on portions to sell it cheaper. The cook just looked at me like she didn’t appreciate my opinion.

Through half of lunch I served these and all people said was that they’d be hungry before supper. Finally, someone had the nerve to say that it was the strangest Chili Burger they’d had with only chili and no hamburger patty.

Turns out the cook “didn’t know” what a chili burger was and she was sending out a spoon of chili on a bun. Ok, I get it that the general population wouldn’t know what a chili burger is, but does this cook make 50 cheeseburgers a day? Does she just send out cheese on a bun? Where does common sense and accountability come into play. If she didn’t know what she was cooking, then ask! When I remarked that I couldn’t see a burger, shouldn’t a little light have gone off above her head? No, too subtle? Ok, when I turned in my order tickets that had “special burger” written in big letters, shouldn’t THAT have been a clue?

I pull some dumb-assed stunts. In no way do I fantasize that I am a great waitress. I get by because I’ll be the first one at the table letting people know when I screw up. Hell, I’ve spilled drinks on people, even dropped a steak knife in a guys lap. We laugh, have fun at my expense and they come back time after time. Some of them even ASK for me to wait on them. However, yesterday people left feeling screwed and tattooed after paying almost six bucks for a scoop of chili with their bread.

But, oddly no one was held accountable EXCEPT the lady that complained that it was the weirdest chili burger she’d ever had. Yeah, she’s been labeled a trouble maker. Go figure that one out!

Go figure!

I had to work tonight and since it’s gotten cold again I decided to wear my K-State sweatshirt. Little did I know, tonight was the KSU vs KU game there in Manhattan. The bartender is a big, BIG KU fan so it turned out I wore KSU garb and he was in KU duds.

They made such a big deal about it being ALL THOSE YEARS and KU always wins in Manhattan, blah-blah-duh-blah!!! Well, I guess we showed them! I didn’t rub it in too much, but I did have to say something!

Sick people annoy the hell out of me!

The main reason I detest cold weather is the flu season. All kinds of germs and bugs are out there and for some reason I seem to find them!

I’d managed to catch something a week and a half ago. Miserable! Temp, sore throat, blah-blah… I spent my money, went to the doctor, got medicine and got better. Stayed home til the doctor said I wasn’t contagious, then went back out into the public.

Now, less than two weeks later I get sick again! Back to the doctor, more medicine… I woke up at 4 a.m. tired, but wide awake. THAT is frustrating. I laid there for an hour talking to the cat. And she looked up at me like she understood my misery, precious thing!

All of this because sick people don’t stay home. Now, I understand that being in a bubble is impossible. But have you ever walked thru a store and there is a person coughing and sneezing and no concern over covering their mouth? Dragging their sick kids out in a restaurant with snot running down their face, cheeks flushed and even a perfect stranger like me can tell they don’t feel good? Oh, my favorite… People who leave their used kleenex in the shopping cart!? WHAT is all this about?

I realize I am a germ-a-phobic. But it’s freaking ridiculous! And after spending $150 on medicine and dr office visits in the past ten days, I think I have a right to bitch! I’d rather walk into a place of business and see a sign telling me they are under-staffed due to employees’ being gone with the flu than walk in and have some sick fool coughing all over me, my purchase or whatever!

Fuzz and I talked about this at 4 a.m. and she agreed with me! I love that cat!!!!