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Lazy Weekend

Well I really wanted to get a lot of stuff done this weekend.  Probably NEEDED to get a lot done.  Then I came down with a stupid cold.  Not a debilitating cold, by any stretch, but enough to say, “Ah, screw it.”  So instead of doing things like rotate my tires, I spent a lot of time on the computer, hanging out with Luke, and napping.

I did get the yard mowed.  But upon finishing the last section, the bracket that mounts the handle to the mower itself complete cracked and came loose.  The metal on the deck of the mower had rusted so much that it had no strength left.  So I’m tasked with either fabbing up a bracket to replace it, or get a new mower.  I’ve thought real hard about getting a riding lawn mower… but just can’t justify the expense.

Finally got around to installing WordPress on my server here in the basement.  Been thinking about doing that for a long time since I had just a basic placeholder page there.  It’s password protected for now, but don’t worry, you aren’t missing out on anything, it’s just a blank template.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it, if anything.

The one thing that I didn’t get done this weekend that I really could have was beat Metroid Prime.  I can’t believe I’m still talking about this game.  What I’ve done is put myself in a circumstance where I’m not getting any games played.  I don’t want to admit that I don’t like Metroid Prime… I think it’s a fine game.  But for some reason it just feels like work to play it.  And I don’t want to play any other backlogged games until I beat that one.  The problem is I’m getting to the point that if I don’t play it again soon, I’m going to forget what’s going on and have to start all over.  I don’t know if I should just give up on the game or what.

Back to work next week.  Then the week after that VACATION!  I can’t wait!

Hot Mammer Jammer

No AC for the last 5 hours or so. 100+ outside.

We’re having a heat wave.  Sure doesn’t feel like a tropical heatwave though.  We hit a high of 108 today.  And it’s times like this when you find out if your air conditioner is up to snuff.  Ours apparently was not.

First of all, my car doesn’t have a working air conditioner, it’s something I’ve resigned to.  I could repair it, but I keep telling my self the Toronado days are closer to the end than they are the beginning.  So unless I get the determination to drive this thing for another 4 years or so, I’m fine with weathering the 20 or so really hot days we have every year, just this year it started in June!

So I get home after a hot ride home and head into the house.  It takes about 5 minutes or so, but I start to realize, the relief I was expecting from the sweltering heat hadn’t yet set in.  I thought it was possibly because Andrea’s mom was over cooking in the kitchen with the stove and oven on.  But then I thought… no it’s still too hot.  I look at the thermostat and it reads 82.  Uh oh.  That’s not right.

It’s only then that I remember when I watered the garden right as I got home, I set my phone and bag by the air conditioner unit, and it wasn’t running.  I poke my head out the back to see if by chance it was running now… nope.  Last time this happened it was just a breaker tripped.  So Luke, who was getting impatient for supper, and I headed down to the breaker box to see if anything was out of place.  At first glance everything looked as it should.  At second glance… everything still was as it should.  So the problem wasn’t there.  Time to call the landlord.

Say what you will about renting vs. home ownership.  Each has merits of its own at times.  In this particular instance, I enjoy that from this point forward, someone else it taking care of it… and paying for it.  I know I pay for it over the months in rent, but I look at it as kind of a deductible free insurance policy.  When the hail took out the roof, I just made a phone call.  Now that the AC is out, I just make a phone call.  I may not be able to drill holes in the wall or build equity, but renting isn’t all bad.

So we are hanging out in the basement now. It’s 9PM and it’s down to 94 outside.  Here in an hour or so we’ll open up the house and try to pull in some cooler air.  Supposed to get down to 72 tonight.  Right on.  We’ll kick on the attic fan and suck in that fresh air, and then when I get up in the morning I’ll close it all up and try to seal it in as much as we can.  Considering it was almost 110 today, its remarkable that it never broke 90 in the house.

Repair man should be here tomorrow.  If not our neighbor already offered to leave the door unlocked so Andrea and Luke can go hang out in the coolness if needed.  Just another nice thing about living in a small town.

PODCAST – Can’t save to save my life

I beat this guy… twice.

Well here we go.  I recorded this yesterday and am just now getting it on the site.  The inability to save seems to be a theme.  Not only with what I talk about in the show, but my computer even crashed while trying to save the audio.

Topics Include:

Metroid Prime
How I suck at Metroid Prime
My phone is old
Garage Sales
Podcast Music
Mystery Song

The previous mystery song was from Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3!


Good Greif

I hate to complain (never seems to change anything anway).  But it’s been an exhausting last few weeks.  So much work and travel.  I think I went 3 or 4 days without seeing what my house looks like in the sunlight.  Luckily I get to see Andrea once in a while when her and Luke stop by the radio station to hang out.  Lately I’ve been so busy thought that even then it’s tough to spend any quality time.

Well yesterday my schedule was pretty clear, so I made huge strides in getting caught up!  Felt good to not only be productive, but to be productive in the areas that I chose!  I have a little checklist at work that I use to make sure I don’t forget anything, and I finally got back to where I need to be on that.  Still some long term stuff that I need to get done, but I finally feel like I’m making progress again.

I actually left work a little early yesterday.  It felt almost like a vacation day!  I used my extra time to re-plant some peppers and corn in the garden, and start digging out the old pole that a satellite dish used to sit on.  Eventually that will become my new fire pit!  That’s gonna be a lot of work though for sure.

I actually sat down the other day and played some Guild Wars.  The original.  Actually had a lot of fun.  Since all the main story is done, I now have to make sure I just pick a direction or goal I want to work on and go at it.  Because it’s so easy now to sit in an outpost and just wonder what to do.  So I decided I was going to go work on my Asura reputation so I can get another title and some Asura armor to add to my Hall of Monuments.  When GW2 comes out, the more progress you’ve made in your HoM the better rewards you will get in GW2.

So there’s a little recap.  Sorry I’ve been so absent.  I really hope that it slows down soon because I don’t enjoy such a frantic pace to life.  So from henceforth I’m dialing it back!

Time for new Vinyl

I wish I were talking about records…

Actually talking about Andrea’s Cutlass.  The vinyl top on the back half of her roof has slowly been coming loose since we bought the car.  It hasn’t been too bad, then all at once it really went to crappy.  The glue just totally gave up.

She said she could hear it flapping in the wind as she was driving down the highway, so we stopped by the upholstery shop to get a quote.  It’s actually pretty reasonable if I remove the old top.  So that’s the plan.  Infact, Andrea already got most of the vinyl off!

Life is Good

I’ve gotta apologize to everyone who’s been either around me, or following me on Twitter the past few weeks.  I’ve been under a lot of pressure and haven’t handled it as well as I’d like.  Everyone at work seems to keep telling me otherwise, but I really feel like there’s been a few moments where I could have kept a little more composure.  Nevertheless things are starting to quiet down and I’m able to get back to my “old” self.

I’m just way to laid back of a person.  I don’t “care” about much.  So being all business and cracking the whip just isn’t my style.  I guess you can say I’m lazy if you want.  Doesn’t hurt my feelings.  I prefer to think that life is too short to worry about most things.  That’s kind of how I approach each crossroad.  “Will the decision I make here have any significance 5 years from now?”  Most of the time the answer is “No” and if that’s the case, what’s the point stewing over this small stuff.

So now I’m kicking it.  I have to work a little late today, but I decided that if that’s the case I’m going to go in a little late too.  So I slept until 7:30am and I’ve just been relaxing with the family.  It’s fun to see Luke when he wakes up.  He’s always in such a great mood.  Lots of smiles.  And we haven’t been doing much, but we’re at least all hanging out together, something that hasn’t happened much.

I also love sleeping with the windows open.  It’s awesome waking up to fresh air and the sounds of the birds chirping.  Like they way an alarm clock should be.  We have an east window in the bedroom so the sun this time of year starts shining through a little before 7AM.  I woke up the first time at 6:30 and thought, I should get up and around.  But then thought…. well heck, I don’t have anything to do so I laid back down until my phone rang at 7:30… from work.  They just can’t live without me I guess.

So today is Thursday.  And I’m super excited.  Because tomorrow is Friday.  Which means the Guild Wars 2 Beta begins tomorrow as soon as I get home.  I’m going to be late getting home again tomorrow because of a baseball game… but once I am home… I am free all weekend.  I have absolutely nothing planned.  And unless something super important comes up… it’s going to stay that way.

So sorry I’ve been complaining a lot.  I feel like I’m getting a little burnt out at work and just have to vent some of it.  I’ve got a vacation scheduled though here in a few weeks.  That makes a big difference because it gives me a finite date in the future to look forward to.  Instead of never knowing when it will end.  But I’ll try to keep the whining to a minimum.  I’ve got it pretty darn good.

PODCAST – Collector’s Edition

Just realized that my last post was my 1,000th post on the blog!  Way to go me, and those who have contributed over the years!  I don’t even think I have a thousand VIEWS!  Haha.

I forgot what I even used for the last Podcast’s mystery song, so I had to go back and listen.  The answer is: Ending Theme of Mario Kart 64.

Topics for this Podcast Include but are not limited to:

  • Hell Month
  • Guild Wars 2 GET
  • Podcast Music
  • Mystery Song
  • Blasphemous Stage Clear (For Andrea)


One Nut Short

This is re-damn-diculous. I ordered my new exhaust from and everything came in quickly like I always expect. I finally got some time on Sunday to install it. I got it all hung and lined up and went to put the clamps on. I got all three clamps, but one clamp came with only ONE NUT instead of two! So the project is on hold until I can either get another nut or another clamp.

All in all its gone a lot smoother than I had planned. Separating rusty exhaust pieces is never an enjoyable experience. There wasn’t much left of the old system, it has rusted apart where the muffler used to be and all that was left was the old inlet pipe for the muffler and the old clamp. I put the big breaker bar on the rusty nuts and ended up just twisting the u-bolt in two, then just hammered the rusty clamp off. Of course the clamp had become unnessicary as the old pipe had rusted to the surface of what good exhaust I had left. But about 20 minutes with my angle grinder and I was able to pry part of the old pipe off. Then with vice grips I peeled the rusty old pipe off of the good pipe like peeling a banana. Actually went smoother than I had expected.

The good news is that all the new parts fit darn near perfect! Something I’m really not used to. Haha! And if I would have had just that one nut…. I’d be driving it today. It will be nice to have a quiet ride again, but I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow. It’s just funny because I had mentioned in a previous podcast that I almost always figure out that I will be missing something to get this job done. I thought it was going to be a tool or something I’d have to buy, didn’t think it would be a single nut that was supposed to be included in the first place!

Lots of work on a day off

I don’t want to come across as complaining, but rather just reflect on a day that didn’t turn out anything like I had expected.

I really only had one thing to get done today which was get the oil changed on both cars.

I woke up about 8:30 and noticed I’d missed a text on my phone.  It was one of our part timers informing me that they forgot to inform me that they were out of town and were scheduled to work today… well that’s nice.  So I’m filling in for that now today.

As I’m checking that message (I haven’t even got out of bed yet) I get another message from another co-worker saying we’re having issues with one of our Saturday morning shows.  So the next 45 minutes are spent getting that around.  After fixing that I suddenly realize I haven’t made any coffee yet!  Better get on that before this day becomes a complete disaster!

I grab a cup of coffee and head down to the computer to make the morning internet rounds.  Figure I’ve got quite a bit of time since I don’t have to be to work until 5PM so I decide to fire up some Minecraft and played for a good hour or so.

I embark on the oil change of both cars which goes pretty un-eventful until I realize… I got the wrong filter for my car.  I dunno how I did… I’ve been changing the oil on that car for 5 years now.  So even an oil change can’t go flawless today!

The good news is, since I went to work, the rest of the day has been pretty smooth!  It’s almost over now and the good news is I only have one thing planned to get done tomorrow… oh no.

My day is never what I expect

I was totally looking forward to today at work.  I had been so slammed last week that I was looking forward to getting caught up.

Before I get my coat off, there’s a note on my desk, “Business line on the phone doesn’t work”.  Great.  So I spent the first hour and a half of my day troubleshooting that and calling the phone company and the place that sold us our phone system as they passed the buck back and forth.

Next our midday person calls in sick, so I have to fill in not one, but both of the shows they record for the day.

Then the boss says, Oh… sorry for the late notice, but we have a meeting at 10am today that we need you to attend.

After lunch I got an e-mail asking me to write some scripts to automate the download of some shows for another market.

And finally, I got asked to fill in for ANOTHER show before the day was over.

Wisely I said “no” to the last two.  Heck I didn’t have time anyway.

Maybe tomorrow will be easy?