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A crazy Thursday

Well, it’s official…tomorrow is Dan’s last day.  My feelings on the issue are mixed, but by and large, it’s the best of a crappy situation.  It came down the horn that something had to give.  Either everybody takes a hit or one person is sent packing.  Now, as is well documented here and on my Twitter feed…I’ve never big the biggest Dan supporter.  Be that as it may, despite his many shortcomings, he is a decent guy at heart.  He had the option of skating out today and still get paid for the rest of the week, but he chose to stay the rest of the day and even come in tomorrow to make sure everything transitions over smoothly.  I’ll be honest, if it were me, I’d have packed my things and been working on my second six pack by noon.

Speaking of transitions, as of Monday I will officially be Program Director of three radio stations.  Granted they’re all syndicated stations.  But it’s an opportunity to do something with them.  It’s a place to start, and hopefully someday grow them into something more local.  It’s more B.S. than bragging rights, but I’ll give it my best to make them sound as good as they possibly can.

So no pay cuts…which is good.  But I’ll admit I felt some knots in my stomach seeing Dan shook up today.  I don’t wish for anybody to lose their job, what a terrible feeling.  In all honesty I was just as prepared for it to be me.  After all, I haven’t even been there 5 months.  But in that short time, I’ve tried to inject as much energy and enthusiasim into my position as I can.  I try to be reliable, helpful, creative, and insightful.  To be completely honest I haven’t had to work too hard at it.  Maybe it comes naturally…but I don’t think that’s it.  After the last job, I learned a lot about what I appreciate in my employment.  And above all else it’s the people I work with.  I look forward to seeing everyone here…most days.  When I’m at work it feels more like a fraternity or a family.  And even Dan has his place there.  Like the weird uncle.  I never imagined it…but I’ll miss the guy.

So life goes on.  It will be a fast and furious couple weeks until I get a routine nailed down.  But I’m looking forward to the challenge.  Some of the obstacles that are part of this position look to provide some actual intellectual stimulation and I look forward to having the freedom to apply my style of solution to them.  It’s a truly bittersweet moment.  But a lesson in many respects:  Don’t take for granted the good in people.  All it takes to be noticed it some genuine intrest and good intentions.  And no matter what life throws at you, it’s up to you to make the best of it.

Still around…

Sorry, just haven’t been in the mood to write lately.  I’ve been in a weird funk.  I think just too much going on at once.  I’m looking forward to July!  At least 75% of my major problems will be solved (or too late to do anything about) by then.

I have had things I want to write about, but the mind just hasn’t been working, and the words haven’t been coming so easily lately.  I want to get my Star Fox 64 re-review up and going.  And a few observations on people and daily life.  So the thoughts are still churning, just gotta figure out a way to get ’em out!

I’m heading down to Wichita this weekend.  So I’ll likely be away from the computer for the duration.  Hopefully it will be a nice get away and I can come home refreshed and ready to face the world.

Drama, drama, drama!

I wonder how in the world soap operas stay on t.v.  Isn’t there enough drama in life?  Do people really have to tune in and watch the soaps?  Today has been crazy…And it’s not even MY drama!

I just got to thinking, there are people who tune in every day and watch afternoon soap operas, there are magazines dedicated to these soaps…how do people watch it?   Isn’t it possible to O.D. on drama?  I am emotionally drained after watching people deal with the stress in their world today.  I can’t imagine tuning in just to get the drama fix every day.

I don’t know, maybe soap fans need to shut off the t.v. and deal with real life!  Hell, maybe I’m wrong.  That happens a lot!


I have had it with people whining and bitching, but yet they refuse to help themselves! You can never satisfy them because there is something wrong or some sort of negative comment about everything! You know the kind — when you do them a favor they just don’t understand why you don’t do MORE!?!? I swear, I could donate a frigging kidney and they’d bitch cuz I kept the good for myself!

F’n apartment dwellers

well i found out who complained about my dog barking and they are the reason i had to get rid of him. good thing mom took takumi home for a few days so i can find a new place to live. it was ppl who live below me  that comlained….but guess what? now they have a dog and it woke me up bright and early sunday morning my day to sleep in becasue of its barking. now if i were an a$$hole id call up my landlord and complain, but im not. plus i hate my landlord.

The Saga Continues…

Well, the lady who seemed to think she shouldn’t have to show up for her shift at Red’s DOESN’T have to show up anymore.  She was asked to please pick up the Saturday night shift because one of our waitresses got admitted into the hospital.  Still she refused to work, saying she had a friend going thru a bad time and she needed to help her.  POOF! she was fired.  It was no surprise when a guy came in for a beer around 10 that night and said he’d seen her at Peppercorn’s a little earlier.

From now until Wendy gets out of the hospital we only have two waitresses.  That means double shifts for both of us.  The money will be terrific, hours horrific!  But, I’m just mean enough to be glad the worthless waitress got fired!

When did I get the ‘dumb ass’ tattoo?

Once again I offered to work in an effort to help out someone and find out that they were out at another bar partying.  I put in a ten hour day and was freaking beat when I got home at midnight or I’d have halled my ass to Dodge and dragged her out of the bar she was at.  I am definately not a fighter and would have gotten my butt kicked, but I’d have put out a good try!  Nothing like doing a ‘good deed’ and feeling like a freaking dumb ass!!

Thank God its Friday..

This week has gone by so slow for me. now watch this weekend fly by ….='(

How Dare You !!!!! =P

how dare you edit my post!!!! =P j/king …it all good ill just post links from now on i see how the pics can clutter the blog …..