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WARNING: 23 minutes you’ll never get back.

I have been remarkably un-inspired lately.  What is below is an utterly terrible podcast.  Good music though.

B.G. Willers Podcast

Sorry I’ve been slacking.

Hey der.  Sorry the posting has fallen off lately.  It’s not that am bored with the blog.  I really wish I had some stuff to post.  But either there’s just not much going on, or for some reason I can’t really fit the words together.

Been traveling a lot over the past few weekends or had company over, and we’ll be gone again this weekend as we’re heading to Wichita to visit Duane and Mom.  Duane is in the hospital with pnumonia.   He’s getting better all the time, but he still has a lot of recovery left.

Other than that things just keeping on keeping on.  I’ll try to do better with the updates…. starting next week.  Ever the procrastinator, eh!?

Old Hat

So I have my first remote today in a LONG time.  Even while I was working at Rocking M I think I only did one or two remotes the whole time I worked there, as opposed to the near weekly remotes at Platinum.

I’m not nervous, but I’m not really looking forward to it to be completely honest.  It’s kinda nice not having to lug all the stuff around, hang around for a few hours.  And hope that all the equipment works right.

It didn’t help when they told me what the talent fees were.  : – | I never really have ENJOYED remotes other than a select few locations.  (St. Patty’s day in Aggieville comes to mind.)  But I will admit that Platinum Broadcasting usually made it worth your time.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not peanuts or anything.  Just I would probably be happy to pay somebody else the same amount to do it for me.  Ha ha.

I suppose it’s like getting in the swimming pool.  Getting in is the hardest part, but once you dive in it’s not too bad.  It’s the After Harvest Festival and the weather is supposed be nice so I guess I should shut the heck up!  Ha ha.

Random update

I haven’t blogged in a while.  There’s not really a shortage of things to blog about, but just been busy enough that when I get home I’m really in the mood for something passive.  Lurking on the message boards, watching some videos or what have you.  The days are shorter and boy do they feel shorter too!  Painting on the house is done for the year, and I find myself wondering if most people actually have time to put Christmas lights on their house while the sun it out.

I’ve been in a weird funk lately and I haven’t entirely traced down the cause yet.  If I had to point my finger at one particular thing, I think it would be just a lack of having a free weekend.  Part of it is the nature of the holidays, but I don’t help things by planning stuff for every weekend for three months straight.  Two out of the last four weekends we’ve been watching Andrea’s niece and nephew.  Great kids and a good time, but I don’t exactly get kick it an play some Guild Wars, or work on the car.  The other two weekends we’ve been in Manhattan and SWK.  Again, both good times, but feels like I’m always runnin’.  Next weekend my friends Chris and Crystal are coming up, and the weekend after that we’re going to a wedding.  Then MAYBE a weekend off.

Work has been going well.  Slowly but surely figuring out what all needs to be done on all three stations and putting it into daily and weekly routines.  Found several things that have been put off for over three months that I’ve had to get us caught up on.  A little dissapointed that I haven’t really been able to focus on the actual sound of the stations yet.  But I first need to figure out the day to day stuff that actually keeps stuff on the air!  I’ve been putting in a few extra hours, but nothing too terrible.

I think I just need some solitary time.  I need some time alone just like most normal people need to have people around once in a while.  It keeps me sane and less grumpy.

Watched the debates…

I went against my initial judgement and decided to watch what I could of the debates.  I was able to catch the last half of the debates and it did nothing to make me choose one candidate over the other.  I still think they’re both schmoes with the same old political bag of tricks, and I likely won’t be voting for EITHER come election day.

The biggest thing I personally noticed, is that both candidates pretty much agreed on (or completely ignored) most of the real lightning rod issues I have an opinion on.  For instance, Iran shouldn’t have nuclear weapons, and if they did it could potentially create an arms race in the Middle East.  Excellent!  Neither candidate is a RETARD!  And considering one of these guys is all but certian to be presedent, I suppose that’s good for me.

At the same time, one question I was anxious to hear the answer to, yet knew I wouldn’t… was “What would you give up in light of the potential $700 billion+ bail out.  Either both were COMPLETELY unprepared to answer that question (which scares me) or both were very reluctant to make any REAL effort to offset that VERY significant expenditure (which also scares me).

In the end, on one hand I feel I wasted my time…while on the other, I feel I was somewhat obligated to at least observe and digest some information on the future leaders of this country.  Neither has earned my vote, however.  I still intend to write-in this election.