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Mr. Rogers – “Garden of Your Mind”

Luke and I watch a lot of Mr. Rogers together, and Mr. Rogers often comes up at work when we’re talking about childhood things or wholesomeness.  We were discussing how new songs are so catchy, but we try to avoid listening to the lyrics, because it can ruin the song for us.

I said, “Why don’t artists sing about wholesome things with catchy tunes?”

Then my co-worker showed me this:

The next big hit

Ha ha.  How can two of my least favorite “bands” combine for something so totally awesome?

Yup, I guess it’s official. I’m an old man.

For those unfamiliar with the Dropkick Murphy’s, here’s a video of their latest song:

We went to Kansas City over the weekend with Andrea’s sister Trina and her husband Jason.   Had a good time roaming around, but the main reason we went up there was to see the band.  It was at the Beaumont Club which was basically just a giant room with a dancefloor, a bar, and a stage.  We showed up shortly before the first band went on.  I was optimistic about the experience because while there were quite a few people there you still had room to move around a bit.

The first band was Larry and His Flask.  To be honest I think I enjoyed them even more than Dropkick.  Maybe it was the crazy dude jumping around stage with the bass violin, or just the fact that we hadn’t been smothered by people yet.  But either way I thought their music was very different and cool.  The second band was just a bunch of screaming.  And by the time the Murphy’s took the stage it was so packed in there I was sticking my head up, not so much as to see the band, as I was to get a gulp of fresh air.

Don’t get me wrong, it was still a good time and I’m very glad we went.  But given the choice I’d actually prefer experiencing my live music in a place where I can sit down, listen to the band, and perhaps even enjoy a cool beverage.  And this I why I say, apparently I’m already a grumpy old man.

Fun with stuff that’s almost 100 years old.

So I’ve had this idea for a while that I wanted to do something somewhat different with audio on the site.  I wanted to have two things going at once in each speaker, but both related.  I hadn’t really thought of a way for it to (kinda) make sense until now.  A while ago I put a “superloud” needle in the old Victrola.  The increase in sound quality and (you guessed it) volume were amazing.  I tried to capture it as best I could with my crummy microphone but it just doesn’t do it justice.

At any rate, Here is Gloria Hart & the Art Kassel Orchestra.  In your left speaker you will hear the mid 50’s press, recorded (crapily) from the Victrola, and in the right speaker, the 2008 digitally remastered CD version.


Free music without all the jail time.

Kudos to the record companies (well one at least) for finally acknowledging the non-traditional means of generating revenue that the internet can provide. The website recently launched which allows users (folks just like you and me) to download as many songs as they want, listen to them however many times they want, absolutely free of charge. Instead of the music label getting it’s cash from you, they instead get a cut of Spiral Frog’s advertising revenue.

It’s not a perfect scenario though. Universal is the only record company to jump on board so far, but they are the largest label in the world, and have several great artists like Maroon 5, and Bon Jovi amongst others. Also every Spiral Frog file will be laden with restrictive DRM which restricts how you can use your music. You aren’t allowed to burn their songs to CD , they only work on some portable MP3 player and they don’t work with the iPod/Phone/Tunes/Shoes. Basically they want to ensure that you’re only getting the songs from Which considering they’re giving you the music for free is fair enough.

Disciple, back in the ‘Hat Town

Mark it on your calendar. September 28th! The best rock band in all the land is coming back to Manhattan. These guys put on one of the most exciting shows I’ve ever been to. It’ll be my fourth Disciple concert, and I can’t wait! Let everyone know! Disciple rocks Manhattan September 28th!

New favorite song.

Well, Evanescence’s new single was just released recently, and I have to say it’s pretty awesome. Amy Lee has a great voice when she cuts loose, but she’s definetly a studio artist. I don’t want to think how many takes it took to hit all the notes she hits, but when she nails ’em it sends chills up your spine. She’d also be more pretty if she smiled more often, but I guess you have to keep that emo image going for your or something. Though you do catch a glimpse of her smiling at the end of their video.

These guys have been on hiatus for a while with band members coming and going ever since Ben Moody left back in the day. But if this single is any indication, they’re back with what could be their best album yet.

If you’re interested in the song, you can check it out on MySpace or listen for it on Power Hits starting tomorrow.

What do you think? Are they back or what?

How does this work?

First off…I finally found the Nickelback cd I had been wanting. I am so excited! Have they ever put out a poor album?

BUT, how do I add it to the music albums on this computer–like the ones you did, Matt? I tried and it showed that there were songs in the file I created. However, when I double click it to play the Windows Media Player says, “No CD in drive”. All I did was copy and paste…was that wrong?

Way to go Steve Jobs.

ok normally i would never complement apple, but i have too in this case. the music labels want Apple to put various pricing on itune, ie 60-80 cents for older song and then a much higher price than 99 cents on newer songs. Well Jobs refuses to do anything other than his current rates 99 cents. I must say im in agreement with Apple this time.

the article

what do you think

ok here is the original recording guitar and here is the “mix” i did. let me what you think also keep in mind this is just me playing around since i really dont have a project im working one but i had to have a midterm grade so this is what i did.