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biebsworld hacked

everything is gone … the forums everything… it is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Red’s was closed Saturday because of the Labor Day weekend.  I decided I’d get up early and get ALL my house work and chores done so I could have two whole days to myself.  It all started out great!  I was a cleaning fool and by ten that morning all I had left to do was clean out the tub in the spare bathroom.  Yay me!

Well, before Tyson packed up and left he’d mentioned that the guest tub was draining REALLY slow.  So I thought I would use the stuff the landlord gave me to unclog it, Rossilite.   (You see were my first problem was…   I THOUGHT!)

Duane saw that I was getting ready to try to do some plumbing and he immediately realized that THAT was not a great idea.  He jumped in there and poured in some of HIS drain-unclogger-kinda-stuff, called Liquid Fire. Soon as he did it the smell was BAD.  I’m not talking poopy-diaper-bad or even driving-by-a-feedyard-bad.  It was so bad I had to go outside just to breath.  Duane said the drain was completely clogged and all the sewer gases were coming back up AND he was sorry but he had to leave and get his truck ready for a haul.

We called the landlord and he came over to try and fix it.   Since Duane had scooted on me, I had to help Gus with the plumbing.  On top of the chemical Duane had already put in, Gus added another, then another.  After he had combined three different chemicals I had had enough of it all.  Granted, I never made it through a full semester of Chemistry, BUT I really think combining all those bubbly acids in a small, unvented area is on the dangerous side of the scale.

After all Gus’ mad scientist routine, my guest bathtub is still plugged and still stinking.  I have those rooms closed off, air conditioner is off and all the windows are open that I could get open with fans going.   Febreze helps for a little while.  But I gotta tell ya, this smell is kicking my ass.

Duane took off for Missouri, Nebraska and Texas last night and before he left he said, “It smells bad when you first walk in, but you’ll get used to it when you’re in here.”  Yeah, I don’t friggin’ think so!

Biebsworld crashed

some how ive lost everything so dont visit biebsworld for awhile its gone. I’m working with support to get this resolved.

Wedding Date

I know that I had agreed that we had set a date, but it has been changed yet again.

I talked to my advisor, and it turns out that I can’t take any of my major courses over the summer. Yes, it sucks. So, this will push me back another semester. Unless my dad agrees that it’s okay for us to get married before I graduate, then it looks like either the spring or summer of 2009.

Sorry to let you all down, cause I knew how excited everyone was to finally know. Things change, and the university has to be a pain in the butt! If I take 15 hours each semester I will graduate in the fall of 2008. So, at least I can give you a heads up on when my graduation will be! 😛

I hope to get a date sent to everyone by this summer. Until then, erase the previous date that Matt told you to put down in pencil! Love you all!

I think a part of me just died.

Yes, it’s true. I think my Nintendo 64 has played it’s last game. I’ve been in the mood for some old school N64 gaming the past couple days, so I go to fire it up, and glorious glorious sound…but no video. I spent at least 30 minutes making sure I had all the connections right and making sure the cables weren’t bad. But nothing I could do would bring back the video.

It’s kinda sad. I mean, all the time I spent playing that Nintendo 64 is probably an easily measurable percentage of my life. All 120 stars in Super Mario 64. All the record times in Mario Kart, all the GoldenEye Fests/Perfect Dark Events. There’s a lot of my history in that little machine as nerdy as it is. So I’ll admit I was pretty sad when I finally realized that it probably isn’t going to work anymore.

So I’m going to have to scower the local game shops and see if they have any N64s. They should be pretty darn cheap. Hopefully I don’t have to resort to eBay. But one way or another, I shall game again! Luckily the console is easy enough to replace. Finding decent controllers on the other hand, that’s a challenge.

Kids these days.

So I’m doing the show right? And I get a lot of kids calling in, it’s just the way it goes.

Well this girl calls me and says, “Hey! Today is my friend’s birthday and she wants to hear ‘I’m In Love With A Stripper’.” This girl couldn’t have been but 12 or 13 years old. When I was 13, I was wishing I were old enough for somebody to give me a job. Oh well right.

I ask, “What? Is your friend really in love with a stripper or something?”

She says, “No, that was just her first slow dance song and she wants to hear it again.”

Wha!? Maybe it’s because I went to school in po-dunk ville USA, but that never would have gotten played at any of our school dances. And even if it were, I’d be pretty uncomfortable out there slow dancing to “I’m In Love With A Stripper.” What has the world come to!? I can’t believe I’m leaving my elderly years in the hands of these hoodlums.

flashing a bios

well i figured out how to flash the bios on my computer using a usb flash drive however i hosed it before fixing it

when someone says that flashing a bios from a usb is easy and possible to do. laugh at them then kick them in the balls(assuming the person who told you was male)

after hosing my machine i got out ole yellow jacket and did some research and found out that my mobo bios could only be flshed with a floppy my machine didnt have a floppy =( …then i remembered i had a couple of part machines and …what do you know one of them had a floppy drive in it. I created a boot disk put both my flashing utility and bios image on the drive and followed the instructions on the site i found …tada i was able to do it with the floppy drive and im up and running again with a new and fresh bios =)

Wow! What happened?

I’ll tell you what happened. I’m a scatter brained putz. I ordered some new parts for my computer (motherboard and processor) and needed to reinstall windows. There’s about seven different ways I could have backed up all my info. None of which I utilized. So the old and everything it was is gone. Along with all my pictures and music, and videos, and everything else. Why I didn’t save any of it, I don’t know.

But the blog itself (the posts and comments) are always saved on Blogger, so to get this thing back up it was just a matter of republishing everything. I moved the webserver. It’s no longer on my home machine. It’s now on ucom’s webspace. Which (as terrible as ucom is) will be better in the long run.

The photos section, as I mentioned, is gone. As in deleted forever. Some of the photos survived. But for the most part it’s all gone. Hopefully I can revive it to some extent in the future, but as for now this is the whole site. Have fun at the new, remakably similar B.G.!

We suck again!

Heart and soul of the Chiefs running game, Priest Holmes, will no longer be playing football this season. Priest took a helmet to helmet hit two weeks ago against San Diego. Fox Sports online stated that he has bruised in his spinal canal, and will most likey retire as early as Wednesday (today). After that team doctors will re-evaluate him as to his playing status for future seasons.