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Biebs Bytes: Episode 5

We talk about Brick & Mortar stores vs. Online stores.  Will there be a winner, or can they co-exist?  Thanks as always to Biebs over at for inviting me!

Biebs Bytes: Episode 4

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately.  I don’t really have any legitimate excuses.  Just haven’t felt too inspired lately.

Joined in another Biebs Bytes last night.  The topic was “TV vs The Internet”.  Hope you enjoy.

How much traditional TV do you watch, compared to Internet Streaming?

Biebs Bytes – Hangout 3

Much more focused conversation this time, on a topic I could discuss for hours!  Retro Gaming!  Hope you enjoy this episode!  And thanks to Josh at, check out his site for lots of cool Tech tips and such!

Biebs’ Bytes: Hangout 3

Wow, my internet connection sucked tonight.  Sorry about that.  We had a lot of fun rambling tonight though.  Mostly griping about end users!

Biebs Bytes – Hangout 2

Had a lot of fun again.  One of the guest’s audio was really laggy, so makes for lots of awkward moments for you to enjoy.

BiebsBytes – Hangout 1

I was invited to a hangout with Josh Bieber from for an episode of Biebs Bytes.  We talk about:

  • The Evolution of Geek Culture
  • Bullying
  • Guild Wars 2

PODCAST – Biebs Bytes Episode 5

I joined Biebs and Carver for another podcast… finally!  It’d been so hectic recently I missed the past couple weeks.

We had some major side tracks, which were probably the best part of the show!


Rants of Two Old Dudes – Episode 6


We talk a lot about computer repair and how the average joe just doesn’t trust us.

Also Guild Wars 2!  Fun stuff!

And more general merriment.

We are considering changing the name of the podcast, as the only episode with two dudes (regardless of age) was the first one.


For if you like the iTunes.

Rants of Two Old Dudes – Episode 5

Alleged Xbox 720 Dev Kit. Would you spend over $20,000 on that? What could possibly be inside?

Sorry for the delay getting this posted.  This week it was just Biebs and me.  Topics include the supposed Xbox 720 Dev Kit that sold on eBay for $20k+.  Wii U innovations.  Maleware and how to avoid it.  And lots more!


iTunz Here!

Rants of Two Old Dudes: Episode 4

I think this was our best show yet.  Curiosity is on Mars!  Mr. Carver joins us once again as we talk too much about Zombies, not enough about games, and just the right amount about beer.