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Another Project Radio

These seem to gravitate towards me.  Jamie and Bryan got this for me for my birthday this year.  Man is it cool!  It has a phonograph, cassette deck AND an 8 track!  All the good stuff!

I hooked it up to Andrea’s speakers, we plugged it in and it seems to work fine.  Other than the selection switch is pretty finnickey so I need to get some electronics cleaner and clean all the contacts there.

It needs a good cleaning, but it should be a trusty radio!

Shined up the Cutlass

It’s been either way too hot to be waxing the car, too busy at work to get, or the weather hasn’t been cooperating.  But I finally got around to getting Andrea’s car all shined up yesterday.  I took it out this morning with some good morning sunshine and took quite a few pictures.  I think it looks pretty darn good.  I wouldn’t mind driving this thing everyday anyway.

This is my favorite picture in the set.

Sanity is returning to my world

Well the past few days have been nice.  As you can see I even took the opportunity to re-skin the site.  I’m not leaving the N64 love behind, just playing Metroid Prime the past week or so has me feeling nostalgic for the Gamecube.  I swear that is still has to be the most comfortable controller ever made.

We got back home early Monday afternoon.  And I washed up Andrea’s car and started working on prepping the roof for the new top that is going to be put on.  Did a lot of sanding and even busted out the drill and the old stripper wheel (that sounds funny).  Brought back a lot of memories of painting the Toronado.  Which I also had time to wash that dirty thing before we left.

I got the yard all mowed today and the garden is doing pretty good.  I noticed I have my first tomato starting to grow!

I’m slowly getting caught up at work too.  Life is good so far!

Eclipse 2012

Well I haven’t seen a solar eclipse for years.  Never seen a total solar eclipse and this one wasn’t either, but still pretty cool.  We all got together to watch it this evening, starting in the garage, then moving to the end of the block after the sun went behind the trees.

Here’s the setup I rigged up. Using the binoculars in my vice and an old JC Penny shirt box. Not bad for scrambling to find stuff in 5 minutes.

It’s beginning! I was even able to see some sunspots. I’d looked at the sun this way before, but either I never noticed them, or just didn’t see them before.

As the sun got lower in the sky, we had to relocate as the neighbor’s trees were blocking all the sunlight into the garage.

Had just some light clouds, only obstructed our view for maybe 10 minutes.

And that’s about the maximum eclipse that we saw from our location. You can see the power pole getting in the way, and after this the sun got too low to get a clear shot at. It was pretty fun. Made me feel like a kid again!

Speaking of kids, here’s Luke checking out the eclipse in this video:

Storm Just Missed Us

I’m back!

Man, what a month it’s been.  I covered a lot of it in my last podcast, but if you missed it basically we had a murder trial to cover wall to wall the first week of April.  Then our radio auction the second week of April.  Then this past week was our Radiothon to raise money for kids with cancer.  Three big events that took a lot of prepwork.

Finally this last week of April things will slow down.  I’m still going to be busy though, because I’m now behind on all my regular stuff at work, but at least there’s no huge deadlines looming.

The garden is progressing nicely!

I took today to kick back and relax.  Well… relax mentally at least.  I slept in until 9am today, which was freakin awesome.  I got up and made some coffee and headed out to finish up my planting in the garden at 10am.  I got a hoe so I was able to really work the ground and get a lot of the old Bermuda grass roots out of there.  Then got me some nice rows of soil and had Andrea and Luke help me decide where to plant everything.  I already have my potatoes and onions doing nicely.  And today I planted a row of jalepeno pepers, bell peppers, two rows of carrots, and four short rows of corn.  With the ground I have left I’m going to get some tomato plants and drop them in.

I planted some flowers up front a couple weeks ago and they didn’t do well at all.  That soil has a lot of old gravel in it from previous landscaping and I think that it just drained all the water out too fast and starved the plants.  Instead of digging all that gravel out, I’d like to get just a load of white rock and put it down on top of that.  It would look better than the weeds and dirt that’s there now.

I also sprayed all the dandelions in the front yard.  They are seriously out of control.  There was some stuff that was left here when we moved in that was supposed to kill them, but that had absolutely no effect.  I got some other lawn safe herbicide that hooks up to your garden hose, and we’ll see if this fares better.  It promises “overnight results”.  I’m not getting my hopes up and really by this point, dandelion blooming season is just about over.  You should have seen my yard yesterday though.  It was a field of 8 to 12 inch high dandelion stems.  It looked hideous.  But I haven’t been home while the sun was up all week, so I haven’t been able to mow until yesterday.

So tomorrow it’s back to work.  I’m not looking forward to it.  I’m just so burnt out, but I’m powering through the next week or two then I’m going to take me a nice long 4 or 5 day weekend.  It is going to kick ass, I can feel it.

Guild Wars 2 annouced the first Beta event next weekend, so I’m finally going to realize something out of the “pre-purchase” money that I spent.  I have to work late on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday I have nothing at all going on… except Guild Wars 2!

So there ya go.  I’m back to blogging and going to try to stick with it here.  I should have almost all my evenings free.  Finally.

Phoenix Down’d

Well I successfully revived the case I had destroyed in my last post.  The restored case is the one on the right, and the one that is all original is on the left.

The clear plastic doors on these 4 disc cases are exactly the same as the larger half of a standard CD jewel case.  So I swiped a couple old cases from work which were being used to store old station imaging discs from 1993.  So now this copy of Final Fantasy VIII is actually in a case that is in part over five years older than the game itself!  Kinda ironic.

So all is right in the gaming world again.  I’ll move forward with the plans of selling one of them on eBay and maybe put that money towards a Vectrex… or something like that.

Glad the weekend is here, because I’m about out of energy.

Ahh, so glad that it is finally Saturday.  I still have a remote and some voice tracking to do yet today, but all in all, it’s gonna be a nice, slow day.  Seriously nice, though they’re talking 70 for the high today.  Which for mid November I will take it!

All this week I’ve been so far behind at work.  I took Monday off to spend some extra time in SWK, and came back to work with a stack of stuff.  And a deadline of Wednesday to get our auction page up on our new website.  In the end, what happened, was I worked All day Tuesday until about 2AM Wednesday morning.  I slept for a couple hours at my desk and got up at 5AM to do the morning show.  That 3 hour nap though did wonders (even if it wasn’t the most comfortable) because I made it through a full day Wednesday and stayed up until about 5PM before konking out again.

So I don’t want to spend every week like this.  But I look back and can at least say I got a lot accomplished.  Next week will actually be pretty fun.  My workload won’t be as strenious and our live radio auction will be Friday, which is always a good lot of fun.

For as much as I’ve gotten done at work, I feel like I haven’t got anything done at home.  I come home and grab lil’ Luke and feel like I should really give Andrea something of a break, so I try to help there.  Next thing you know, it’s 10:30 and my bed time.

I did fix the grill on Andrea’s Cutlass.  When we headed out to Cimarron last weekend, the wind was blowing 40mph and a g.d. tumble weed blew straight into the front of the car.  Busted the driver’s side grill.  I super glued it back together we’ll see if it holds.  JB Weld is the stuff to use, but I was out.  Although the superglued hood ornament on my Toro is still holding together 5 years later.  Hehe.  Geeze, didn’t realize there was so much glue keeping our cars together!

It’s such a good feeling

What an outstanding day it’s been!  Started off by not having to wake up to an alarm.  It doesn’t take me long to wake up once I’m out of bed, but that initial  roll off the mattress is always a killer when you have to do it.  I used to be able to sleep until well past noon back in my slacker days.  Now I sleep until 8am and I feel like a king or something.  Helps I guess that I don’t go to bed at 3:30am anymore.

So up and around easing into the day with a cup of coffee.  Thinking about how its nice not having all sorts of “floaties” in my beverage since the water softener has been working.  After a cup or two I figure might as well go mow the yard before a hot day takes over.

Too late.  The temperature wasn’t bad but it was a crystal clear day and even at 9:30 in the morning the sun was beating down and making some hot work of pushing the little mower around.  I should get me a riding mower some day, but this works and I get some much needed exercise.  One of the most rewarding feelings is looking back at a freshly cut lawn, I think.  Just so nice and neat.  Like a green carpet.

Anywho, after that and hosing off the outdoors Andrea and I played a little Guild Wars.  She’s working on getting one of her characters through all three chapters and I’m taking a character through the first game for the first time.  So were helping each other.  Knocked out a couple missions today.  Got the bonus on one but not the other.  Oh well, something to come back for.

Andrea is more tired these days.  Don’t blame her.  Growing a baby is a lot of work! So while she was napping, I tried to think of something to do.  Decided I would take one of the extra florescent lights above the garage and relocate it above my work bench.  Good news is I think I wired it up safer than before!  And now I have some much better light to work with.  I still need to find a place for everything in the garage though!

By now its late afternoon, Andrea ie up again do so we go shoot some hoops in the driveway for a while and head back in for supper.  One of the things I’m trying to do is cook more stuff that will have leftovers.  We don’t get to come home for lunch anymore so if we don’t take something, its either go hungry or spend crazy money eating out.  So I cooked up some shrimp and rice stir fry.  Made lots so there should be a couple days worth of leftovers.

So productive, satisfying, and relaxing.  Those are the words of the day.  Actually ready to face a busy work week after a weekend like this!

Starting to feel like home

There’s still boxes to be unpacked, and a lot of rooms that could use some more seating (like the room with the TV) but it’s starting to feel a lot more like home now that we have some of our own stuff on the walls and been going through some daily chores it’s definitely starting to feel like our place.

Hasn’t been without some adventure though.  Our first run of the dishwasher found that it wouldn’t drain.  And it was filling to the point that it would leak out the door onto the kitchen floor.  Called the landlord who was great about being over that day to fix it.  So the next day we ran our first REAL load of dishes through.  Andrea and I were down stairs with her nephew and we both started to smell something funny…  I went upstairs to find the whole floor of the house was filled with smoke!  Not thick black smoke by any means, but the kind of smoke that fills the house when you burn the bacon (I would know!).  Odds were it came from the dishwasher, but after opening it I expected a ton of smoke to come billowing out, which it didn’t. So all of a sudden I wasn’t sure if it was the dishwasher or not, and if it wasn’t… was whatever it was still burning?

We kicked the attic fan on to clear out the atmosphere and paid close attention to see of there was any more smoke anywhere. When I didn’t find any it was safe to assume it WAS the dishwasher and apparently either from being flooded for so long, or a chemical they used to clean it out, the burner was just coated with crud and when the dry cycle kicked in it started smoking.  But nothing caught on fire, no damage caused so no harm no foul.  We’ve since run a couple smokeless loads through with no problems other than some real hard water.

There’s a couple other little issues that still need addressed.  There’s a small leak at the upstairs toilet, and the water softener seems to be out of commission.  The bypass for the water softener valve is broken, so I worry that running our water through a non working water softener could actually be making the water HARDER than it already is.  We’ll get to it all in time though.

I got out underneath the Toronado last night to address some exhaust issues.  I could tell for a while now that the exhaust was leaking pretty good.  The tail pipe was getting a little loose so I kinda parked it for a while until the move-in slowed down and I had a chance to look at it.  Didn’t want to go over some railroad tracks and have my muffler fly off.  After looking at it last night it’s a good thing!  The muffler was barely hanging on, so I pulled that and the rusty tail pipe.  Everything from the muffler forward was in pretty good shape, so I won’t worry about that too much.  But I’m determined to tackle this one by myself.  I’ve never done exhaust work before, but there’s a lot of stuff I’d never taken on before I got the Toronado.

So there’s a long update.  Looking forward to the upcoming camping trips and will be sure to snap lots of pictures!