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Yay, B.L.!

Looks like Bobby did pretty good in the 600 this weekend! Did you watch? Not too darn bad for being a couple of laps down earlier in the race!

Any time Carl and Bobby beat Harvick and Stewart it’s a GOOD RACE! Ha Ha

Go figure!

I had to work tonight and since it’s gotten cold again I decided to wear my K-State sweatshirt. Little did I know, tonight was the KSU vs KU game there in Manhattan. The bartender is a big, BIG KU fan so it turned out I wore KSU garb and he was in KU duds.

They made such a big deal about it being ALL THOSE YEARS and KU always wins in Manhattan, blah-blah-duh-blah!!! Well, I guess we showed them! I didn’t rub it in too much, but I did have to say something!

Lazy Sundays are the best!

I’ve gotten absolutely nothing (constructive) done today. Isn’t that the best kind of day? It almost feels like I am playing hookie!

A couple of weeks ago I finally managed to get spiralfrog all set up and I’ve been downloading songs. On dial up it takes a while, but I’ve got nothing but time today!

The day only gets better….NFL! Hey, maybe the Chiefs will actually win! Ok, so chances are it won’t be the PERFECT day. The next best thing to watching them win, is watching them lose. Ha Ha

Har har hardy har har!

Well I don’t particularly like either team but I’m glad KU lost. I’ll be the first to admit that K-State stunk up the joint this year. I mean come on! I can count SEVERAL games that were easily within our grasp, but we lost in the end.

ANYWAY. KU fans were starting to get mouthy. Like they’d been the end all be all of football for as long as anyone can remember. Uhh…first of all, lets recall how TERRIBLE Kansas has been in the recent past. Didn’t K-State have like 12 straight wins against them as little as two years ago?

Let’s not forget who KU has played this year:

Central Michigan – Yes, the juggernaut.

SE Louisiana – Not Southern. Not Eastern. Southeast.

Toledo – 5-7 record

Florida International – They ALMOST won a game this year.

K-State – Sucks.

Baylor – Still sucks.

Texas A&M – 4-4 in the conference.

Nebraska – This team’s got some issues.

Oklahoma State – 6-6 record.

Iowa State – I think they lost to an American Legion team this year.


So I don’t want to hear any more lip from the KU fans. I’ll give the team credit that they were consistent and able to win 11 straight games against teams that were lackluster to average at best. Good job, KU. Good job.

Great quote.

One of the guys on ESPN said about the Daytona 500:

“You know it’s NASCAR when the Jack Daniels car crosses the finish line upside down and on fire.”

Moment of truth

So the Daytona 500 is today. I’m excited for Nascar to get underway again. For one thing it means that spring is right around the corner, and that the weather is soon to start getting a whole lot nicer. Also it means lazy Sundays chilling in front of the TV watching cars go fast, and watching the pre-race announcers trying to hype up any drama they can between drivers.

I’m excited to see Bobby Labonte race. He was making some strides towards the end of the year last year, so hopefully they get off to a good start and build on that, and not spend the whole year trying to get back to that level. My expectations are reasonable. I’d just like to see Bobby win one race. And maybe finish most of them. Nothing is worse than sitting down for the race, and your guy gets taken out in the first 50 laps. Ugh.

Andrea’s sister and brother-in-law came up last night, and we all went out to Aggieville. I didn’t hit it too hard since I wanted to make sure someone could drive us home. But once everyone wakes up and gets a grip on the day, I’m going into “race mode”. I just gotta fine me some “#43” gear. Everything around here has an 18 on it!

Life after football!

It dawned on me today that in about a week and a half the football season would be over. There was a moment of alarm. Granted, I am not a football addict (at least not EXTREME), but it’s just such a big part of my Sunday routine. I don’t glue to it, but it’s there like an old friend that waits til I notice they’re around. So this flutter of panic hit me….What would I do with my Sunday afternoons???

But (deep sigh of relief) NASCAR, my other old buddy, will be there to pick up the slack. The Daytona 500 is held on Feb. 11. Yay!! Now I am excited again. “Boogity, boogity, boogity! Let’s go racin’!!!!!!!!”

Bowl Game Time!

Did I read it right? K-State is headed to the Texas Bowl? From what I read it sounds like more than a few Wildcat fans are heading down there.

How are teams selected for bowl games? Do they rely on W-L standings at all? Rutgers is 10-2, while KSU is 7-5. That seems to be a big difference…


Can you spell victory? I can!!! On Saturday, November 11, 2006 at 7pm on ABC, the Kansas State Wildcats were scheduled to take on the #4 Texas Longhorns. Everybody was a little weary about the Wildcats winning with how they’ve been playing up until this game. But everybody’s minds were about to change.

Opening drive, Texas gets the ball and scores. Also, their all-star quarterback is hurt and won’t return the rest of the game.

Kansas State returns the kickoff. Josh Freeman steps onto the field and leads the Cats to their first drive score. Tied 7-7.

2nd Quarter: Cats couldn’t get it going again and had a punt blocked for a Texas touchdown. Texas 14, Kansas State 7.

But they then bounced back and Josh Freeman hooked up with James Johnson for a touchdown. Tied 14-14.

The Cats held Texas to no score then Yamon Figurs returned a punt for 52 yards. Then Leon Patton runs for a touchdown. Cats up 21-14 at the half.

Then third quarter comes. It didn’t start off too good for the Cats, but then the heat got turned on.

Texas blocked another punt and their running back ran it in for a touchdown. Tied yet again 21-21.

Then the Cats come back but don’t get anything started. Yet.

Texas retrieves the punt, but then on the fourth play, the running back fumbles and the Cats recover.

Then came the two trick plays in a row for the touchdown. Jordy Nelson throwing to Rashaad Norwood, then Leon Patton throwing to Cedric Wilson for the Wildcat touchdown. Cats are up 28-21.

Then Texas fumbles again and the Cats recover. Josh Freeman hooks up with Yamon Figurs again for a touchdown. Cats up 35-21.

Texas gets their punt blocked, and Josh Freeman runs it in for a touchdown. Cats up 42-21. Can you believe it??

Texas would come back and score some. Cats up 42-35.

Then Jeff Snodgrass kicks a field goal to bring the Cats up 45-35. Enough lead to win the game, we thought.

Then Texas comes back and scores a quick touchdown. Cats up 45-42.

Texas tries an onside kick, which only goes 5 yards and Jordy Nelson recovers for the Cats.

First down Cats with 44 seconds left on the clock. Cats Win! Cats Win!

Then everybody rushes onto the field as shown in the picture above. If you would like a bigger picture, click here.

Great Game!

That game between KSU and Texas was awesome!  Did anyone have a chance to go see it in person?  I’m not going to pretend to know all about football, but I sure do enjoy watching it and the game Saturday night is one reason why… I was all by myself, yet kept finding myself jumping up off the couch and hooping and hollering.  At first I was excited simply because we were just making it a ‘good game’.  That third quarter it dawned on me that we can actually WIN!  Beating the team ranked fourth in the nation is quite a feather in Prince’s helmet!

So….are the Wildcats going to a bowl game this year?