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How much do we miss?

You know sometimes I feel bad for not posting enough, and generally just disappearing off the grid for a while.  Then videos like this remind me that I shouldn’t.

I was going to write something this morning…

kotaku-balancing life and video gamesI got about 500 words into a post this morning and bailed… I felt like I was just rambling and I didn’t see any resolution to my thoughts in the near future.  The post was based on this Kotaku article posted a few days ago, titled “How to Balance Video Games with Real Life”.  It resonated with me on a very personal level. Gaming is something I’ve been passionate about from a young age, and finding time to make it a part of my adult life is a daunting task.

So if you get the chance, read it. It apparently expresses my thoughts clearer than I can this morning. Guess I need more coffee.

Why I Hate People


So early this morning a ten ton space rock slammed into the atmosphere above Siberia.  It streaked across the sky then exploded with the force of an atomic bomb miles above the surface.  It was an amazing sight but also somewhat tragic as around 1,000 peopled were injured by shattered glass from the enormous shockwave it created tearing through the air.  Now for thousands of people it has become difficult to heat their homes and businesses with no windows in weather that is well below freezing.

But taking away the spectacle and tragedy of the event I found myself appreciating one fact.  For once, at long last, here’s an event that no one can point fingers on.  This meteoroid had been circling the sun long before humans even walked on the earth.  From the moment the universe was created, that ten ton rock was destined to crash down to earth today, whether there were humans here or not.  So we can’t blame it on global warming, politicians, corporations or policies.  There are certain forces in our continuum that are beyond our ability to control, and this was a shining (literally) example one of them.  A tragedy of inescapable fate.

But even I underestimated human arrogance.  It didn’t take long for political figures to call for more robust sky searching and a plans to seek and shoot these things out of the sky.  Commentors on the stories cried of the injustices of cutting science and exploration program budgets that could have PREVENTED this!  I find it hard to believe that some people think so highly of the human race.  That we are only a few misplaced intentions away from solving any problem that stands in our path to Utopia. Doesn’t anyone ever reflect on our utter insignificance in the universe?

I think people just don’t fathom the scale involved here.  The sky is a big place. The sky is measured in degrees, and the total area of the sky is about 40,000 square degrees.  By comparison the moon is only about 0.5 degrees across, which gives an area of approximately 0.2 square degrees.  So the moon takes up only 0.0005% of the sky.  That’s one-twenty-thousandth of the sky!  And you thought the moon was pretty big!  And it is.  It’s 2,150 miles wide and it’s 239,000 miles away.  Let’s compare that to this meteor that is guestimated to be (generously) 60 feet wide.  So the moon is 189,000 times larger than this meteor.  Therefore if we would have discovered this meteor as it came within the orbit of the moon around earth, it would still only appear in 1/3.8×10^10 of the sky.  That’s 1/38 billionth of the sky.  In other words… it would have been remarkable to have seen this thing coming.

Now let’s talk about the speed.  This thing entered the atmosphere at 19 miles PER SECOND.  Let’s say IF you caught sight of this tiny little thing at the same distance of the moon’s orbit, you would have almost exactly 3.5 hours until impact.  That’s 3.5 hours to detect it, calculate the trajectory, inform missle command, evaluate the probability of hitting a populated area, program the missile guidance, launch the missle and intercept the meteoriod.  Does anything happen that fast at your job?

Let’s face it.  Our lives here are insignificant and fragile.  We can no more prevent our demise than we can take credit for our existence.  That’s not a “God” thing, it’s just a sum of the forces at work in the universe.  On most days we can blame each other for most of our problems… but today was not one of those days.

Wisdom for a Happy Life

Note:  If you are married “you” means both of you.  These may seem depressing, but only if you have an un-realistic expectation of the world.  

1.  Don’t have an un-realistic expectation of the world.

2.  People suck.  Even the people you love will suck sometimes.  They’re not perfect and neither are you.

3.  Everyone else doesn’t have it better than you.  Their life sucks just as much as yours.  Don’t believe me?  Ask them about it… they’ll tell you more than you ever wanted to know.

4.  Success takes hard work.  Winning the lottery takes luck.  Only one of them is guaranteed.

5.  Don’t over complicate things.  If you don’t like your situation, change it, but you can’t have everything, so don’t try.

6.  If you want everything… grow up.

7.  Pro Tip:  Unless it’s your Mom… 100% of the time no one cares.  Nope Dad doesn’t care.  But he will listen anyway.

8.  You are solely responsible for yourself.  You need to be prepared when bad things happen.  If you rely on somebody else, they might not be there.  (For details see tip #4)

9.  Boring is good.  That means everything is happening the way you expected it to.  Which is the whole point isn’t it?  Don’t go ****ing up your own good thing just because you need some excitement.  The world will screw you over enough on its own, it doesn’t need your help.

10.  Learn to say no.  Not just to other people, but also to yourself.

I am available to discuss these matters in detail.

Possibly the greatest ad ever.

This is part of an entire campaign for Dos Equis about “The Most Interesting Man in the World”.  Presumably the idea was originally based on Chuck Norris, but Chuck held out for more cash (as well he should).

The thing that makes this ad so great is the power it delivers in just 15 seconds.  He points out a truth that you may, or may not have considered.  The “complimentary” salty nuts you find in many bars are actually there just to make you more thirsty… and also buy more beer.  Somewhat scandalous if you think about it.  But of course if that beer is Dos Equis… that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Notice he doesn’t even say Dos Equis.  Hell, he doesn’t even say beer.  But the message that Dos Equis is a good beer, is obvious.

It’s stuff like this I wish I could get away with at the radio station.  But here… if you don’t say the advertisers name at least 3 times and recite a street address and a telephone number… then to the client it just doesn’t make sense.


Well what do you know?

Look! 99 cent 2 Liters!

Which do you say?

Yay, Me!

I looked through my notes that I had made on my scratch pad for last weekend. Sure enough, I had written down that the winery was open 10a.m. to 7 p.m. But, I thought I’d better check the website just to make sure. Yep, it was down as being open at 10a.m. to 7p.m. on Sundays!

Isn’t it odd how the mind can play tricks on us? Maybe you young people don’t notice it as much. But I honestly thought I had imagined the extended hours! It’s so nice to know I’m not losing my mind! haha