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Animal Crossing and the internet

Well I figured I’d share a few of the pictures I’ve taken in the new Animal Crossing:  City Folk.

Me and my house decked out for Christmas.

Me and my house decked out for Christmas.

Snowman melting.

Snowman melting.

Biebs and I decided to test out the Wi-Fi connection last night.  I headed over to his town and met some new animals.  One of them even sent me a present already.  It’s much better than the DS connection, because all the animals don’t just retreat to their houses.  The towns are very much alive when you visit.    I cleaned out half of Nook’s Cranny, and Biebs and I got together for a photo op.


Left: Matt - Right: Biebs

Online interactions are not rated by the ESRB.

"Online interactions are not rated by the ESRB."

For the record, we were comparing fish we caught!  And one last picture of the “Northern Lights” I snapped last night.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Got City Folk!

Well I came home today and Andrea said she had a surprise for me. I figured she cooked me a nice homemade supper. Turns out she decided to pick up Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii!

I haven’t put a ton of time into it yet.  But so far it’s very similar to previous Animal Crossing games.  You just get to town, and you’re stuck working for Nook…AGAIN!  Doing all the exact same chores he had you do clear back on the Gamecube.  I was able to move my character from the DS onto the Wii though, which was pretty neat.  Although I couldn’t bring any of my stuff with me.

It’s easier to play than the Gamecube version, thanks to the Wiimote, you can just click and drag items around, and it’s a lot easier to type letters.  It controls pretty much exactly like the DS version.  The cool part is you can go online and visit other towns.  But even if you don’t have the internet, you can store your character on a DS and use that DS to travel to another person’s town on a different Wii.  So I could set it up to travel to my DS.  Put it in sleep mode.  Then when I got to my sisters’s house on her Wii, open the DS back up and travel to her town.  And visa versa to get back.  Pretty snazzy, and hopefully I get a chance to try it out.  As of now I’m the only person I know that has the game…so there’s really nowhere to travel to!

Christmas, Animal Crossing style!

Have you checked into your Animal Crossing town lately? It’s Christmas-time! The ground is blanketed in snow and they have the lights on the trees…it’s just so cute! Don’t forget to start collecting all the clothes so you can visit the reindeer dude on Christmas Eve and get the Xmas set of goodies!

Animal Crossing: Wild World

I know there’s at least a few of us here that really enjoy Animal Crossing for the Gamecube. And it’s been known for a while that it’s heading to the DS, Nintendo’s latest handheld system.

When does it come out? December 5th, 2005

To be honest I really haven’t been following this game as closely as I’d like to. Probably because I don’t have a DS yet. *coughchristmascough* But I stumbled across a website that had some pretty cool info on it. Here’s the latest impressions.

There’s finally a lot of good games soon to be out for the DS and it’s getting harder and harder to hold out. I really want one of these things!


Alright. I’ve taken up playing Animal Crossing on the Gamecube again. And while visiting an anteater in Swami named Pango, they had this letter to show me:

To Pango

Dear Pango,
There are products, not to mention medical procedures, that can help you with your bed-wetting problem. I bring it up ‘cuz I care!

-from a big Bea Och

I’ve hardly ever laughed so hard!

Except when I read this.

Animal Crossing DS

as i know you are aware its going online …. this is a must get just because it…. just is ….no questions asked … when it is release buy it ..just buy it

Dah end of a long day…

Ya ever feel like the day never ends???? After a long day at work I have decided to run away. The circus is too cliche, but thinking Animal Crossing is the perfect place to escape to. L-Ya, M