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Level 80

I finally did it!  It only took about 2 years, but I’ve finally reached the maximum level in Guild Wars 2.  This doesn’t mean I’ve beat the game, just that I’ve maxed out my character’s growth and power.  I spent about 35 gold last night decking him out with all the level 80 gear.  It’s worth it though because I’ll probably be using this stuff for quite a while.

I played a bit while Mom was down over the weekend, then Sunday I made my final push to get from level 78 to 80.  Didn’t take that long really.  You earn so much more XP by doing events and goal oriented things than you do just killing stuff.  But it’s hard for me to pull myself away from just exploring.

So now, I’m ready to move on and finish the rest of my personal story and “beat” the game.  Though there’s a ton more content out there past the main storyline.  I’m even toying with creating a new character afterwards… We’ll be talking about the Summer Olympics by the time they reach Level 80 for sure.

So here’s a few more screens from this beautiful game taken over the last couple days.


What an exhausting week.  Work pretty much sucked the life out of me, but you know what?  I got to sleep until 8am today and it was magnificent.

We got a little bit of snow last night.  Only a couple inches, but enough for me to take it pretty slow coming home.  As I was putting along, I came across a car that had slid into the ditch.  The person following behind me and I both stopped to make sure nobody was hurt.  There was only one guy and he said he was fine.  He was a foreign guy and had a pretty good accent that sounded African of some sort.  He wanted us to help him push his car out of the ditch.  I told him that wasn’t going to happen.  There was no way we could push that car up an embankment like he slid down.  And I wasn’t about to get trapped under a stranger’s car.  I called 911 and they dispatched somebody.  I told him it was best to wait in his car until they got here.  As I was walking away, he climbed back into his car and hopelessly continued to try to drive out of the ditch.  The car wasn’t there this morning when I headed back to work, so apparently he made it out somehow.

I had a lot of fun playing some Guild Wars 2 with Andrea and Mom tonight.  Been a couple weeks since I’ve actually PLAYED.  I log in from time to time and do some trading post stuff which is fun, but it’s nice to have a group of people to run with.  We spent the entire night in just one map, Snowden Drifts, I think it was called.  There is just so much darn stuff to do in that game.

I have been missing playing Guild Wars though.  The original.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s because the Canthan New Year holiday just started.  Or maybe it was because I was listening to the soundtrack at work.  But it was (and still is) such a great game.  The crowd is starting to thin out considerably there though.  But there’s still a small collective in all the old hubs.  Just sad to think that that game will never be the same bustling place is once was with 70+ districts in Lion’s Arch during the holidays.

Glad the weekend is here.  Looking forward to a more normal week next week.

Back to Guild Wars 2

I’d taken a bit of a break from my nightly routine.  But Monday and today I was able to play a bit of Guild Wars 2.  This game is more than I’ll ever be able to experience in its entirety, so for the moment, I’m happy just to be able to exist in it.  There is so much content being released that I can’t keep up with it all.  Two years have gone by and I still really haven’t gotten into any of the Wintersday stuff.  Maybe this year…

I really can get enough though just adventuring and taking in the sites as usual.  I’m following the main storyline and getting close to maxing out my character at level 80.  There’s so much to do beyond that though.  If this were me 5 years ago, I’d be hard pressed to pull myself away from this game.  But alas, I try not to focus on what I’m missing in the game, and enjoy what I can experience when I have time.  That alone is enough.

What the heck is that? I never did find out. It was impervious to all my attacks.

Can you find me?

How about now?

Here’s some of the new content I accidentally stumbled upon. Was pretty fun. Had to solve some puzzles and kick some butts to kill this big ole plant that was oozing evil into the world. Or something like that.

Wrapping up the night at an outpost after finishing some of the main storyline. Was a good night. Other than I accidentally slaughtered an entire platoon of my own troops. Mistakes happen.





Tagging Along

Andrea and Mom have been playing more Guild Wars 2 lately, and I’ve been kinda tagging along in there quests to help them along.  It benefits me, because first of all… the more I help, the faster they get to where I am in the game and we can play on together.  And second, because GW2 is so awesome, I get rewards appropriate for my higher level, even though I’m helping them in areas that are many levels below my own, so there’s no reason NOT to!

And as always, I appreciate all the details that go into this game.  Enjoy some fresh screenshots!

Wielding the legendary Fiery Dragon Sword from Guild Wars. One of the perks of playing the original game.

Catapult defense on a fort at Earthworks Bluff.

Distant view of Earthworks Bluff.

Resting at a camp in Manefire Hills.

The Tamini (Centaurs) are a real pain in this area. Here we are off to mess up a few more of ’em!

Fort Salma

Most of the cities and outposts feel very brimming with life. This outpost was pretty quiet in comparison. I guess nobody wants to be this close to these stinky centaur.

That can’t be good.

Pick a Direction and Go

One of my favorite things to do in Guild Wars 2 is just set out with absolutely no objective other than exploring.  Every map is gorgeous and there’s so many times where you’re walking along thinking, “This is so beauti… WHOA!  That’s amazing!”

Here’s some screenshots from tonight’s expedition!

Lion’s Arch skyline at night.

Outskirts of “LA”.

Full moon. A surreal night sky isn’t exactly realistic, but it is sure beautiful.

Just a loading screen. JUST a loading screen? Hell there’s times I wish the map hadn’t loaded yet because I was still appreciating the art!

Swamp in Kessex Hills.

Higher ground in Kessex.

Nothing particularly special. Just appreciating some of the nuances. The crazy number of buildings you can actually go in. And I thought the lighting looked cool on my character.

The last several pictures all have been literally just like 20 steps into Kessex Hills. There’s amazing stuff every inch!

And that’s where I called it a night. What else could be out there to explore?

Retro Game Night!

FFVI Cart on Shelf

I’m so excited.  I have officially dubbed Tuesdays as Retro Game Night in my house.  You’re probably thinking, I could play retro games every night around here if I wanted to.  And I COULD, but then I couldn’t get a lot of other things done, be it gaming, or actual, you know… responsibilities.

So I decided in order to be able to enjoy a few of the things I’ve really been wanting to do, and not just plow through them one at a time like it’s a job, I would take different nights of the week and dedicate them to different areas.  All part of this preparation and organization kick I’m on lately.

Monday – Guild Wars 2 Night: Officially started last night as Andrea and I were playing through with her new character. This game is incredibly fun, but will literally consume every minute of your life you’re willing to throw at it. Part of this new schedule is to keep me from spending ALL my time playing GW2. Haha.

Butt Kicked

Tuesday – Retro Game Night: A night to play anything not in HD. That’s (begrudgingly) how I’m defining “retro” gaming these days. Right now I’m focusing on Final Fantasy III. It’s tough because it’s been so long between play sessions I’m having trouble remembering what to do next. Hopefully playing on a more regular basis I can follow along a little better.

Wednesday – Guild Wars 2 Night: Because honestly this game deserves 2 nights a week. It’s the game I’m most interested in right now and the game I’m having the most fun with. These game night themes aren’t the same forever. But this is how it is for now.

Thursday – Automotive Night: This makes the list because generally I kinda like working on my old cars. And matter of factly, I NEED to work on these old things to keep them running. Basically there’s only one thing that matters when you’re driving old cars on a daily basis like we do. And that is fix things faster than things break. If you can do that, it will last forever.

Friday – Project Night: This one I’m most excited for. Mostly because I don’t know what my project is going to be yet. Ultimately I’d love to build a MAME Arcade Cabinet. But this night will rely on funds being available for big stuff. But right now I know there’s plenty of little projects around the place here that I need and want to get done. And this sets aside some time to do those.

So there you go.  This whole idea is all about making time for the things I want to do.  I’ve felt so busy since Luke was born.  But hopefully putting a little focus behind my recreation, I can not only actually get to them, but also enjoy them.  All to often I feel like I’m just plowing through something I’ve wanted to do, making it something I have to do because I don’t know when I’m going to get back to it.  This adds some structure.  And it helps me remember I will get back to things, so I don’t have to force my way through them.

We’ll see how long this lasts.  I get on these kind of kicks then eventually they fizzle out for me, but right now, I’m pretty excited about it.

Already Missed a Day

Third day in… and I’ve already broken my commitment to post every day.  Dang it!  But you know what?  I’m not going to apologize or feel guilt for it.  Yesterday was a pretty good day.

Saturday started out pretty much like a regular work day for me.  I had to get up and be at the radio station by 8AM to finish up some stuff I didn’t get done Friday, then I had a remote from 10AM to Noon.  So at least it was a half day if anything.  And the remote itself was pretty cool.  I was hanging out at a car dealership with 3 classic dragsters, a new Shelby GT500 and a new Dodge Challenger or two.  So as far as working goes, it wasn’t too bad.

Nostalgia Dragsters

After that I headed home, and really didn’t accomplish a whole lot.  Took a nap.  Watch a storm roll in.  We were expecting some hail, but it turned out just to be a nice good soaking rain, free water for the yard!  Then it was pretty much time to eat, played with Luke.  Luke went to bed and then… I actually got to play some Guild Wars 2!  It’s been about as long since I’ve played that game as it has since I had posted on the blog.

So even though I didn’t get a post made yesterday, I had a very enjoyable today.  I’m hoping for today to be equally as good, but a bit more productive.  As soon as Andrea gets up and around, I’m going to see if she can watch Luke and I’m going to get some work done on the cars (all four of them, ugh) that I’ve been putting off.

Actual Adventuring

I’m not going to lie.  A majority of the time when I’m playing Guild Wars 2 these days I’m on the Trading Post.  But with some free time this weekend, I decided to actually PLAY the game.  So I took off to resume my adventuring where I left off.  Remember ages ago when I posted some screen shots from exploring Lornar’s Pass?  Well, guess who’s still there.  It’s a testament to what I believe is both an insane amount of content packed into the game, and the fact that my play is highly sporadic.

Here’s an example of an in-game event (above).  I don’t remember this guy’s name.  “El Satano” or something.  I get around pretty good solo in the game, so I figured, what the heck, I’ll try to take him out.  If I do, I get some bonus rewards for completing an event and the world in that area usually changes in some way that effects everyone.  But when my first couple hits didn’t make a dent, and then he wholluped me for half my health in one swipe… I RAN!  I’ll have to come back here when I have an actual group.

I play a Charr Mesmer, which means one of my special abilities is to create clones of myself.  Basically shadows of my player with minds of their own.  The damage they deal is low to moderate, and their health is low, so they don’t last long.  But while I’m out on my own, I’ve found them invaluable for creating distractions, especially when I find that I have bitten off more than I can chew.  If I time it right and using my elite skill, I can call up to 6 temporary allies to my side.

Choosing your weapons has a huge impact on how you play the game.  I play with a Greatsword in my first weapon set.  A huge two-handed sword that you don’t actually swing at anyone.  Instead it fires bolts of energy at long range along with some other skills to summon illusions.  My second weapon set is a sword in my primary hand, with a pistol in my off hand.

I really love this setup.  I’m able to initiate a confrontation from a distance and start dealing damage as the enemy moves to engage me.  When the foe gets into close range, I’ll use a shockwave to stun and blast him back, then fire away again and summon some illusions.  When the foe gets back up and again starts to close in on me, I’ll switch to my sword.  One sword skill allows me to perform several rapid attacks while invulnerable to attack.  Once this skill wears off I’ll stun the enemy with my pistol.  This gives me time to heal, or wait a second or two for my other skills to re-charge.  With this arrangement I really feel like I can control the mobs.  The backup from my clones helps provide additional attack power and soak up some of the hits as well.

Look at that ridiculous sword!  It’s twice as long as my character is tall.  He is possibly compensating for something.

Here is a sweet pirate lair.  Amazing structures like this are all over the place in this game.  When I came upon this there was a Quaggan in charge.  A race that is known for anything but being cut-throat and devious.  Apparently at one point, he told one of the other players in the game that he had always wanted to be a pirate Captain.  So that player along with anyone else in the area at the time fought and took control of this outpost and made the Quaggan Captain.  As time passes the broken pirate crew becomes restless and plans to retake the outpost.  That’s what happened when I was there.  And I’m proud to say that I was absolutely no help and the outpost was lost to the pirates.

I don’t remember what this place was.  But it looked cool, so I took a picture!

So I finally decided that it was time to advance in my personal story.  I went off to my next quest.  And this SUCKED.  My computer companion on this trip said, “Watch the flags and torches to know when the wind is blowing… you don’t want to get blown off this wall.” I probably got blown off that wall 20 times, easily.  That or I just plain fell off.  Guild Wars 2 is not a great platforming game, but they sure like to throw plenty of platforming at you with quests like this and jumping puzzles everywhere you look.

But at long last, I finally passed it.  With much relief.  Glad that’s behind me.  Oh, look!  I have some Trading Post cash to go claim!

Trading is Going Well

I don’t get to play Guild Wars 2 properly most of the week.  But I do take a little time to login, comb the trading post for stuff that looks profitable and flip it.  So far I’ve made most of my gold that way.  Started with just 3 gold, and now I’m up to 15 gold.  That has taken a couple weeks though.

That said, it has a bit of a snowball effect.  The more I make, the more I’m able to pour back into aquiring more items to flip.  So each day I make a little more.

Not too exciting, but it’s fun to set it all up, go off to work, then see what it has done through the day.

But for now, I’ve got some free time, so I’m actually going to go PLAY!

Greetings from Lornar’s Pass

My progress in Guild Wars 2 is slow.  It is laborious.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am savoring every single moment with this game, and those moments are pretty scattered, so the time I do get to play is even more appreciated.  At this rate it is going to take me years to beat this game.  And you know what?  I’m fine with that.  I see all this new Level 80 content coming out, stuff that I can’t participate in for the most part as I’m still only Level 40, but most of it will still be there when I get there.

I spent parts of the day continuing to explore Lornar’s Pass, where I’ve been for probably the past week.  I did some personal story stuff which went amazingly smooth.  Considering I finally upgraded my armor and weapons.  Here I was roaming around Level 40-ish, but still using level 25 gear!  No wonder I kept getting my butt kicked!  Up until now, decent gear had just been dropping for me from mobs, or came as rewards from quests.  I hadn’t had to buy a single piece of equipment. But as I am flipping all this stuff on the trading post now, usually doing mid-level armor and weapons, I got to thinking… “Hey, I could use some mid-level armor and weapons!”  That’s when the light went on…

So I haven’t been steamrolling since then, but as I spend most of my time soloing through these maps, it has gone much smoother.  Here’s some more screens from today’s adventures.


Ahh. No problem. They’re just carved from stone. It’s not like anything carved from stone has EVER come to life in this game.

A Norn lodge in the middle of nowhere. That means one thing. ALE!

Another Durmand Priory camp. These guys are all over the place out here. I guess since I’m part of their ranks, I guess I should say “we” are all over the place out here.

Okay, even I have to admit, you’ve seen one Durmand Priory camp, you’ve seen them all.

This is the first green I’ve seen in a while! Nearing the base of the mountains looking back towards Human territory.