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Some light adventuring, and profits!

Biebs turned me on to a method to buy/sell stuff on the Trading Post in GW2 that has been somewhat profitable in the past day or so.  Basically just buying stuff cheap and selling it high, no super big secrets or anything.  But the thing I love most about GW2’s trading system, is the Trading Post itself.  I can search the TP for some good deals, order them up.  Then go off and do something else while I wait for the items to come in (you have to wait for other players to sell the item you are requesting at the price you want).  Then when I have some stock, I list them at the new price, and wait for the coins to roll in.  (Again, you wait for other players to buy your stuff)

So I can stack up a whole bunch of stuff… then go to work, hang out with the family, or heaven forbid, actually PLAY the game!

I did spend a little time adventuring towards my next objecting working my way through Lornar’s Pass.

In the Durmand Priory.

Lots of floating tablets. Thar be LORE in those tablets!

See, told ya.

The path is pretty treacherous down there. Lots of spiders.

Hanging meat makes a Charr hungry.

A Priory campsite.


A roaring campfire in the frigid mountain trails.





BiebsBytes – Hangout 1

I was invited to a hangout with Josh Bieber from for an episode of Biebs Bytes.  We talk about:

  • The Evolution of Geek Culture
  • Bullying
  • Guild Wars 2

Meanwhile in Tyria

This weekend I had the pleasure of playing more Guild Wars 2.  Big thanks goes out to Biebs from for helping me steamroll through a personal story quest I’ve been stuck on for months.

After that I spent some time exploring more of Lion’s Arch and the Gendarran Fields to the north.

Overlooking the thick of Lion’s Arch.

Lion’s Arch Centre. Asura transport gates on the right will take you to any corner of the world you could want to go.

The Ascalon Settlement in Kryta has certianly grown in the past 250 years.

Arrrg. Pirates. I spent a lot of time sneaking around their lair and hassling them. (a.k.a. killing them and stealing their booty)

Now this is a fortress. A Vigil stronghold in the middle of Kryta. The Vigil is a military group dedicated to fighting the Elder Dragons. A far greater threat than stinky ol’ pirates. A threat I definitely am not ready to face.

Lots of epicness here.

By far my favorite part of this game is the exploration.  I’m avoiding all the wikis, and walkthroughs, and guides.  I’m just going down every new path with complete and utter ignorance to what lie ahead of me, and it is a fantastic experience!  Seeing a big brick wall at the top of a hill, only to discover it is the amazing fortress you see above.  I can’t get enough of this game!

B.G. Willers Podcast – Melting Snow

The storm has finally moved on!  I’ve been a bachelor for a few days so I cranked out a podcast.


  • Winter Storm Agatha
  • Vectrex… again.
  • Backlog of games grows
  • Andrea got Guild Wars 2!
  • EA Wants Games to Cost $69
  • Podcast Music
  • Mystery Song


More Sight Seeing

Ahh, yes.  Guild Wars 2.  It feels like I had been away for so long.  It’s probably been a couple months actually since I had sat down and made any meaningful progress in the game.  And this weekend I probably got a solid 6 hours in.

The game never ceases to blow my mind with the amount of detail and care that goes into the world.  And according to my stats I’ve only seen 20% of it.  I’m really taking my time with this one.  It’s not that I rushed through the first Guild Wars by any stretch, but you only get this opportunity once… to play a game for the first time.

Here’s some more screenshots from today’s adventures.  I picked up where I left of yesterday, and then made my way to the Asura home city, a much more technologically centered race.

Another frothy ale. I love the Norn. Yes, you occasionally see characters passed out in the snow. Parents, check the ESRB rating!

A misty valley.

One of the tasks asked of me was to feed fish to the bear cubs.

Subterranean cave. Isn’t that the only kind?

Looking up out of the valley this time.


Some kind of mining operation going on here.

I love the lighting in this game. The way the snow glistens, the rugged shadows on the rocks. It’s a little surreal, but not over the top.

Peering down into a ravine.

Statues of the Norn Spirits.

Just another mountain skyline. They’re pretty much all amazing in every direction.

Passing through Lion’s Arch on my way to Rata Sum. If you play the game, this is a scene you’ll see a hundred times, but it deserves to be appreciated just the same. Love the way the city rises into the distance.  All of course you can go explore up close!

Enjoying a stranger’s balcony.


Now in Rata Sum.  Asura specialize in technology, everywhere you look there’s something sufficiently advanced enough to be considered magic.


Looking towards the city center, with two Asura chatting it up next to me.

From city center looking back to where I was standing in the previous picture.

Crafting stations. One part of the game I’ve barely scratched the surface in.


Asura dock and more fantastic lighting.


Finished up my day by swimming with the whales.










Guild Wars 2 Adventures

Nothing epic tonight.  For the most part it’s notable that I was actually able to play a considerable amount this weekend!  That’s an achievement in and of itself for me.

I spent all my time in the Norn starter area just exploring, doing events and quests.  It was pretty laid back and non stressful, which is exactly what I was going for.

The Norn area is great, because everywhere you look there’s a keg or tankard of ale.  Everyone has one in their house.  There’s dozens of them at courtyards.  It makes me thirsty!

I could get along with these people.

Distant Peaks

A greener area in the foothills.

There is lots of turmoil in the world, but there are still some quiet and serene, even happy, corners of it.

Taking in the view after navigating a jumping puzzle.





Vacation Concludes


Well it’s obvious that a big chunk of my time was spent playing the launch of Guild Wars 2.  It’s phenomenal.  You don’t need to go all out like me, but if you want to get on board, it’s $60 at  No I don’t get any kickbacks or anything.  I’ve just really been having a lot of fun, and it would always be cool to play with awesome people like you.  And compared to the price of a Wii/PS3/Xbox360 game, I think it’s an incredible bang for your buck.  I wish my computer was beefy enough to Livestream some of my gameplay, but I’m only getting about 35 FPS as it is… so if you want to watch some action, head over to

Luke and I played a lot this weekend.  He sleeps until about 11AM so I’ll hear him wake up and go to greet him, and it’s so cool watching the big smile on his face every time he sees me first thing in the morning.  Usually it’s 6PM or so until we see each other for the first time, so it’s been really cool spending more time with the family.  I was able to give Andrea a little help with the daily household stuff, so it was KINDA a vacation for her too.

He is officially walking EVERYWHERE.  He will rarely crawl at all anymore.  I think he realizes his little fingers can reach more stuff when they’re off of the floor.  Andrea took him to the store to use up the rest of his giftcard he got for his birthday and got about 20 different Hotwheels cars.  He has a blast with those things on the coffee table.  He’ll roll them to you, and you’ll roll them back.  And he’ll pick out a car he wants you to play with and hand it to you (and usually take from you whatever car you WERE playing with).  It’s gonna be so fun when he’s a little older and we can set up a bunch of the race track and go down the stairs and over furniture.

While I would be feeding Luke I had the laptop set up on the counter in the kitchen.  I got to watching Tabletop, a show that Biebs turned me onto a while back where Wil Wheaton plays various boardgames or card games with internet notables.  It’s a pretty fun show, and if nothing else introduced me to some pretty cool games I didn’t know existed.  Or maybe it’s my social substitute for real people coming over and playing real games.  I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve used the poker table for actual games of cards.  But that’s just part of being busy, and having busy friends.

The repaired lawnmower is still working fairly well.  Though I noticed there’s a crack where the wheel mounts on that same corner of the mower.  It’s just a matter of time before it reaches its end of life.  Until then I’m going to keep mowing on.  The garden is out of control.  Or rather the grass in the garden.  I don’t know how you’re supposed to grow stuff like pumpkins and watermelon.  The pumpkins are okay, but the watermelon vines have almost completely been swallowed up by the grass.  I can’t mow it, or I’ll mow over the vines.  We’ll see what happens.  I’ve got about 3 watermelons on the vine right now, and had a recent explosion of pumpkins.  I was worried we were only going to end up with 4 or 5 small ones, but since the heat wave ended, there’s probably 10 new ones and a couple are getting pretty big!

I never did get around to rotating the tires on the cars, but there’s always next week for that.  There’s a lot of stuff I can do car wise, especially on my car.  But it’s all minor stuff.  As it cools off earlier and earlier I get more excited about working on the cars.  It’s just hard to get motivated when it’s 90+ outside.

So all in all it was an awesome vacation.  I didn’t play GW2 continuously, and honestly, I’m going to take my time with the game and relesh every bit of it.  Like I talked back when I was playing Skyward Sword… you only get to play a game for the first time once.  Most of all, it was a great mental refresh.  Work can get the best of me sometimes and I really was starting to feel burnt out.  I go into tomorrow knowing that it’s going to be crazy and hectic, but I’m almost ready to deal with it.  I mean heck, I could probably hang around here for another week and not miss that place, but eventually… I would.  I really do enjoy what I do.

So I’ve got a few more vacation days in the bank for the rest of the year, which feels good too.  Might take some long weekends, or save them for the holidays, I dunno.  Maybe actually go somewhere on the next vacation… but honestly… my favorite place on earth is home.

Willed Into Reality

Context shot so you get a sense for how friggin’ massive this thing is.

Guild Wars 2 was announced 5 years ago.  To put that in perspective, when this game was announced, the Wii and PS3 were brand new.

Then shortly after the game was announced… nothing.  Years of nothing.  To the point where you wondered if the game still existed.  Arenanet would be asked when the game would come out and they just would say, “When it’s ready.”  And then a couple years ago information really started to flow.

When it was finally announced that you could buy the game, it STILL didn’t even have a release date.  Nevertheless I pre-purchased… in full… the Collector’s Edition (which you see above).  I never in my life have spent so much money on a game, let alone a game that will come out… “someday”.  Luckily today is that day.

I’ve written extensively on my early Guild Wars 2 experiences and if you follow this blog I’m sure you will hear a great deal more in the months and years to come.  What you’ll find here are some detailed pictures of the Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition.  There are ALOT of pictures so be sure to click the link to continue reading if you want to see all of them.  Otherwise it would take up the whole front page!

The Box

Looking through the window.

You’re next!

Keep reading to find out what’s inside this lovely treasure chest.

Read the rest of this entry

Rants of Two Old Dudes – Episode 6


We talk a lot about computer repair and how the average joe just doesn’t trust us.

Also Guild Wars 2!  Fun stuff!

And more general merriment.

We are considering changing the name of the podcast, as the only episode with two dudes (regardless of age) was the first one.


For if you like the iTunes.

Guild Wars 2 – World vs World

I was trying to explain this in my last post about the Guild Wars 2 beta weekend.  This video does a far better job of explaining what WvW is…..  awesome.